214. Golden period in my life

Everybody will have a flashback about the golden period of his/her life. In my life also, there are some sweet memories which I used to recollect and cherish often. I had spent three years of meaningful life  in Kolkata. On transfer I moved to Kolkata with my husband and one & half years old son.

We didn’t even know a single word in bengali at that time. We knew few words only in hindi. We thought that we can manage there with little hindi and english. But, after going there, we realised that it was compulsory to know bengali. We purchased “learn bengali in 30 days” book immediately and started memorising.

We used one or two words in bengali,  few words in hindi, few words in english and the rest by action while communicating with others. Our friends from Tamil nadu also followed our technique. Some common mistakes made by us and our friends made local people to laugh. “Bhishti” means rain and “Mishti” means sweet. On a rainy day, one of our friends entered a busy sweet shop and asked loudly, “Give me one kg of Bhishti”. “It is already pouring. You take whatever quantity you need” was the reply of shop owner.

In bengali the letter “v” is pronounced as “b”. We had also  learnt to say “B for bictory”. When one of my office colleague asked, “Have you got bote(vote), I mistook as boat and replied sincerely to her question. The bengalis are very friendly and they used to visit our house on deepavali day to taste our sweets.

The auto and taxi fare was comparatively  cheap there. The metro rail was introduced many years back and the journey by it was really enjoyable. The tram was still running there and many people used to get into it while moving. The visit to Kolkata Kali temple and Dakshineshwar temple gave us peace of mind.

Many positive things happened  in my life during that period. The evergreen memories of Kolkata life made me to think about it again and again.

178. I like Piku

Last month I saw the hindi movie “Piku”. Really I liked the theme.  Amitabh has played the role of an aged person at home, who finds fault with everybody.  Deepika has played the role of his daughter. The story is touching our heart.

It represents the realistic life of a family in India. I will just tell the story in brief. Deepika is an architect who is very busy. Her father amitabh is very much health conscious but he could not control his tongue. He likes to eat whatever he sees which results in constipation. He always complains about health problems, especially constipation. That too, while sitting for dinner  in the dining room, he describes in detail about constipation.

While the daughter is busily working in the office, he makes a phone call that the body temperature has increased by one degree ie., 99.4 degrees. She gets fed up with his attitude. He sends note to her office regarding clarification of medicines. The family doctor  visits him often and says that he is alright. Amitabh quarrels with maid servant and sends out 5 servants in 2 months. When somebody questions him about the marriage of 30 years old Deepika, he talks wrongly about her character.

Fearing to live alone, he postpones her marriage. Finally  daughter and father go to their native place in Kolkota by car. He quarrels with the tourist taxi driver cum owner, throughout the journey. Finally, he lives as per his wish for few days in Kolkota. Suddenly he dies in sleep, as per his wish.

As you see the movie, definitely you will think about a person you know already. This is a story with the message that the children should take care of the parents just like they were treated during their childhood.   I had the feeling of seeing a nice movie.

25. Reading habit

In our school and college days, we spend a lot of time in reading books of various topics. the knowledge about many things we learnt at young age, is green in memory still. Now, the youngsters spend most of the time before TV or mobile. The treasure about the past is left unnoticed by them. The stories and novels take us to a different world and we get involved with the characters in them. Some people express feelings like shedding tears, laughing louder or hugging others on reading wonderful books.

First we should understand that by reading a book, we are doing something good for us. It changes us if we are in dull mood. The books become our best friends as we can read the books as and when we like. We should allot some time daily to read books. We can purchase some books and go the library to read more. While going out, it is good practice to carry a book. We may not know when will we get leisure time.

Reading is a good time pass. At times, we may have to stay alone. The books are our good companions. When we hear about good books, it is worth to purchase and read immediately. I am having the habit of collecting good books as I wish to read them again and again. The surrounding should also be good for reading book. So, move to a quiet place carrying the book. We should not do multitasking while reading a book. We should concentrate fully while reading. It is better to keep record of good books we have read already and yet to read. We should accustom children to get the habit of reading.

Our prestige won’t come down when we purchase and read old books. The content won’t change anyhow. Don’t always read serious type of books. In between get a chance to read funny books. A good book is a good teacher. We get advice, pleasure and salvage to some problems in books. So create the habit of reading immediately.