517. Lockdown Lessons

Natural Calamities are not new to the world. We have faced Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes, Droughts, Fires, Heat waves and Cloud Bursts. These calamities won’t stand for a long time and we can reach a conclusion quickly. But, the recent lockdown is not a natural phenomenon. The whole world is under lockdown and the nature has taught some lessons to us.

  1. We have learnt to lead a simple life. Now, we understood what is important and what is not important in our life.
  2. Everybody has started to think about others, especially about the suffering people. They want to extend help to them, in some way. Humanity started budding in every heart. It is really a welcoming change.
  3. Big Malls, Cinema theatres and sight-seeing places are not to be crowded. Social distancing has to be followed everywhere. This idea went deep strong in everybody’s mind.
  4. Cleanliness is very very important for every human being. We have to wash our hands, many times  a day.
  5. Previously the habit of using Turmeric, Neem and Salt is found in Indian villages. But, we now see this habit in all big cities also.
  6. We should not depend on others for each and everything. We can do all the household works by ourselves. It is a good exercise for the body and also, saves money.
  7. We have to prepare all the food items at home and we should not go behind outside food.
  8. Work from home is possible for many offices.
  9. Following queue system and avoiding the habit of roaming unnecessarily in the street can be avoided.
  10. The doctors, nurses, police and the cleaning staff are to be respected by all the people.                                                                                                                                       There are many many more good lessons the humankind has learned during lockdown period. We all hope to get rid of this crisis but continue to practice these good habits as before.

504. How to become a good quizzer

Some people may have an inborn desire to become a good quizzer. Some special qualities are required to achieve this goal. Listening and observing everything we see in life is very very important for them. They should know about each and everything in the world.

They should never give up and keep on trying to store all the news in the brain. They should listen to music, not only their favourites but also everything. They should watch television programmes of different cultures and different languages. Daily they should read the newspaper from top to bottom and practice to keep everything in mind  is essential. They should go to the library and read all the types of books.

Watching people is also important for quizzers.  The quizzers should be passionate to others. The quizzers should not feel shy to ask doubts to others. There are many people to help them. The internet is really a boon to quizzers. They should play daily online quiz to equip them for quiz battles.

A good quizmaster will use the media as a benchmark for what contestants are likely to know and what is likely to flummox them. So to become a good quizzer, one has to attend quiz competition and all the time ready to face any quiz tournament. Many schools encourage quizzers and give them full support.

Reading the news with interest and remembering them linking with some objects always help the quizzers. I wish the real quizzers to come up in life and succeed always.

502. Befriend yourself

You deserve your love and affection than anybody else in this world. You can be your best friend because you know better about yourself than others.  You can be honest, direct, interested, inquisitive, warm, compassionate, non-judgmental, understanding and  having deeply feeling about yourself.  People can utilize their personal power and actively contribute to their own growth and development, in essence becoming their own ally.

It is a paradox that if we cannot open our hearts to ourselves then we have no foundation for dealing with other people lovingly and compassionately.  We can make lot of money but we cannot enjoy without befriending ourselves. By this, you can do self-help, therapy, spiritual seeking, meditation, trying to silence your mind and to lose your ego.   You are not alone. Your innerself is a good friend who travel with you throughout your life, sharing your depression, mental stress and uncomfortable feelings.

You know your past, your background, your personality and your achievements.  You can be a good critic of yourself. It helps to improve the quality of life, to gain self-confidence and to have better connection with others.  Our negative thoughts are our enemies. It is essential to discover what you are telling yourself about yourself and about others. It is necessary to look for the negative ways of thinking that predominate in areas of your life that you feel limited or demoralized. Some of these voices may be assessed directly, whereas others are more hidden.

You have to do self-analysation very often. Don’t let others to judge you and do your judgement impartially.  You appreciate yourself for your good and positive views and deeds. You focus on your areas of improvement. You have to take firm steps for self-improvement. you set some goals and check periodically whether you achieve them. Don’t bother about the comments of the society, rather the people around you. They may try to advice you to do something else. Be firm to do the things which you think as good for you. You need not bother about your failures as you have taken some efforts on your own to do something.  Be courageous and face the challenges of the world. You need not follow anybody’s footsteps and you have got every liberty to walk in your own path. Go ahead by being yourself and being a good friend to you.

501. Create your own karma

Love yourself. It is not a sign of selfishness. We should be a good person by our deeds. For creating our own karma, we have to speak the truth always. Our life should have a purpose, rather a good purpose. We should not be satisfied by our growth alone. We should be ready to help others both physically and financially. We should involve in spiritual activities by visiting temples and doing puja at home.  We should always be kind and compassionate to the people whoever we meet in our lifetime.

What we to others will come back to us definitely. So, we should only do the good things. All of the wars,  fightings, bickering, complaining, and general unhappiness begins with a thought carried out with negative action. To counter all this negative energy, we can collectively create better karma so that good things and people start to appear in our lives, which raises the vibrational energy. Creating good karma is as simple as trying your best to be a good person.

While life may seem like a series of uncontrollable, atrocious events on the surface, we have to remember to look beyond the illusions and remind ourselves what we are really here for. We all came here to heal the past karma and become the best versions of ourselves, so we have to keep this in mind each day when we wake up.

We have to analyse our life as a third person.  We should forgive our mistakes and others’ mistakes. Our soul uses its past life learnings to choose and create the life we are currently living. It knows what we can handle, and what we can’t withstand. It knows our past, present, and future. It knows everything. We have to choose to have a certain kind of life, and that allows us to gradually move toward our soul’s higher purpose.

We should always be ready to offer compliments to others. We should always be ready to ready to start any work immediately without waiting for others’ comments. We should thank the person lending even a small help. We should be ready to sacrifice our valuables for good cause. Our talent should be useful to others and we should always be ready to teach others. A good listener is a good doer. So, we should give due respect to others’ views.

We should create our karma in a good way.

498. Try to be a Rainbow in someone else’s cloud

In our life we might have set some goals to achieve. Even after sincere efforts, we may not be able to achieve a goal. At the same time, someone close to us, may try to achieve the same goal. We may be in a position to help him/her to achieve it.  By our help, they can achieve that goal. This is known as being a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

No matter how it happens, we can all appreciate that life’s moments are not always filled with sunshine. We have not failed in life as we could not achieve that goal. Goad has chosen us for helping someone else for achieving the same goal. We should be happy about it.  We should understand  that each person we come across is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Whether it is internally or externally, every person we meet is dealing with something that is challenging for him/her.

It is really a blessing for being a rainbow  to others and we offer ourselves to them. When we have no belief left in ourselves, sometimes we need somebody else to provide that belief. Sometimes we need a rainbow in a cloud of our own. When we are longing for something and if it is not possible to achieve, God will send a rainbow to us, for fulfilling our desire.

Everyone, not just you, has bad days. Days that are filled with oppressive clouds where the person just can’t see their way out of the darkness. These days, weeks or months may seem unbearable to live through. That is where the rainbow comes in. A rainbow can make the darkest days brighter. You may see a rainbow after a storm passes and no matter how bad the storm was you have a sense of peace that the outcome of it is a beautiful rainbow. You can be someone’s rainbow. Simple as that.

Let us try to be a rainbow for someone else atleast once in our lifetime.



491. Self-Worth

Self-worth is a feeling that you are a good person having all good qualities and who deserves to be treated with respect.  Many people think that they are greater than others and their self-worth is much more than others.  Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are intimately tied into how we view our worthiness and value as human beings.

The act of competing with others can help us feel like we have impressive good achievements under our belt, which then makes us feel proud of ourselves and enhances our acceptance of ourselves. Our ability, effort and performance helps us to measure our self-worth. Self-worth is determined mostly by our self-evaluated abilities and our performance in one or more activities that we deem valuable.

People compare their self-worth with others by comparing the factors like appearance, smile, behavior,  income, material possession, the kind of attention they get from others, social circle, importance, influence,  career and achievement. But, in reality, are the above factors only decide one person’s self-worth. His qualities like kindness, love towards others and the quality of fogiving others only decide self-worth of a person.

How can we improve our self-worth? We have to concentrate on improving self-esteem, boosting self-confidence, building a healthy self-image and developing courage to face our problems.  Self-worth is an internal state of being that comes from self-understanding and self-love. Our self-worth will increase when we have unshakable faith in ourselves.



485. Morals and Ehics in daily life

Every family was following some morals and ethics in daily life previously. ‘Morality‘ simply means the principle which tells us the distinction between right or wrong and good or bad. The elders in a family  used to tell the youngsters that the head of the family will punish if  the morals and ethics are not followed. So, the youngsters were following them, without questioning.

Nowadays, we see the violation of morals and ethics everywhere. In India, the youngsters simply fly in their two-wheelers, overtaking all the vehicles and violating all traffic rules. Giving respect to elders is considered  as “old-fashion”. In majority of movies, the heros are smoking, drinking & doing rowdyism and that has been liked by the heroines. The younsters also like such movies and follow the actions of heros and heroines. If a guest comes to a house, only elders show hospitality. The youngsters in the family never bother to know who the guest is. They pretend to be busy.  In schools and colleges, the students mock teachers, other students and the Principal.  The elders in the family also have changed a lot. When somebody is absent, the other members in the family immediately start to gossip about that person. What morality the younsters will take from them!

Another serious drawback is all the people, irrespective of age,  are getting addicted to the social media. They believe whatever the media says. They are not checking whether the information given through social media is right or wrong.  Another big thing is everybody wants to lead a selfish life without  bothering about anything and anybody.

Ethics on the other part are set of common realized values of the entire society.  These are the codified or normative version of do’s and dont’s.  It is always taken that the person with the ethical values will always have high moral values.  If morals are followed in all families, ethics in the society can also be easily followed.

We have to think about this and try to follow morals in the family so that ethics in the society will also be restored properly.

454. Mental maturity

Mental maturity  is the ability to respond  to the environment in the correct time at appropriate manner. A matured person is able to keep commitments, even when they are no longer new or novel. They can commit to continue doing what is right even when they don’t feel like it.

Generally, people grow matured when they become old.  As people mature, they sooner or later understand that nothing is as good as it seems and nothing is as bad as it seems. Mature people can receive compliments or criticism without letting it ruin them or sway them into a distorted view of themselves. They are secure in their identity.

We see or hear about incidents where public figures display immature behavior in front of others rather inadvertently while playing games, giving interviews to the press, debating with political opponents, participating in competitions, or attending meetings and public forums organized by government bodies. Their true colour is getting exposed by their behavior.

Mental growth refers to an all-round development of various mental faculties, whereas maturity refers to the use of reason, objectivity and commonsense in thinking and behavior. It also refers to self-control, rationality, and emotional maturity. Maturity comes from using the higher faculties of the mind and having control over the baser instincts of human behavior.

To deal with reality in a constructive manner, we must face truth, the facts, rather than deny them. Running from problems or hoping they do not exist does not make them go away. Regardless of how unpleasant they may be at times, facing the facts is the first step to dealing with any situation.

Let us see how to develop mental maturity.  We should accept others with their good and bad qualities. We should not try to correct the mistakes of others, as we may also commit lot of mistakes. We should try to approach the problems of others from their perspectives. We should not keep any expectations from others, as we cannot fulfill any desire of theirs. We should not try to prove that we are intelligent. We should not compare ourselves with others, as every individual in this world is unique.

427. Sukshma sakthi and our body

The sakthi which controls our mind and unites the emotions with the body is called Sukshma sakthi. When we think about a pace, our mind goes there immediately, irrespective of the distance.  When we do deep thinking about bad things or bad people, our sukshma sakthi decreases our strength and causes self-pity. But, if we pray to God to relieve us from bad things and safeguard us from bad people, the  sukshma sakthi in our body helps us to geet peace of mind and strength.

We call people who uses this Sukshma sakthi as “Mahaan“.  When some people cook food, it becomes tasty and when others cook in the similar way, we maynot get the same taste. The Sukshma sakthi in the form of Pranasakthi is the reason for it. Some people get cured from severe disease without any medicine, with the help of this Pranasakthi. When we visit temples or Jeeva Samathi of great Mahaan, our Sukshma sakthi increases.

When we move away from nature, our Sukshma sakthi, we will loose our Sukshma sakthi. Except man, all the Jeevarasis in the world, think and act with Sukshma sakthi alone. We should allow the Pancha Bootha Prana sakthi to flow in the atmosphere around us. Our body parts should co-ordinate well with Sukshma sakthi, to lead a healthy life. When our Sukshma sakthi gets ill, our body also gets ill.

We should walk for sometime daily  without, wearing cheppal or shoe.  Our feet should get direct contact with the earth. When we think about some act deeply, we get the energy to do that act.

So, let us use the sukshma sakthi in the good way to achieve good things in life.

390. Awaken your strongest Self

You can reduce or resolve the problems of stress, fear, inner conflict,  feeling confused, self-criticism, self-blame, struggle and loneliness by awakening your strongest self.

If  you are a sportsperson, you can use sports to have a row-risk, fun and quick way to practice expanding your sense of self beyond your conscious mind and will power.  If you know yoga, it can be used to practice meditation to achieve mindfulness.  When you expand your identity beyond the isolated, lesser parts of your personality and ego, you integrate your conscious and sub-conscious resources, making it easier to face life’s challenges from a centre of  inner peace and support.

It is essential to create an own protective atmosphere all around you, at the time of stress. You have to choose actions that are congruent  with your high values. You should learn to live in the present moment instead of  regretting about the past or anticipation of the future. You should focus on what can be done rather than feeling about loss and misfortune.

It is normal to experience a rush of energy at the start of any large project or challenging event or  when we create images of multiple tasks  in multiple time frames. It is also normal  to be overwhelmed by  conflicting emotions, such as attraction  and fear of getting hurt. Feeling overwhelmed puts us into a frozen  stage.  By awakening our strongest self, we can attain normal stage.

By focusing  on a stronger life passion, you can reap the benefits of it even when the more cautious parts of you aren’t convinced that it will work. Self-doubt is your ego’s default position. Push it aside and choose to show up and follow the steps that focus you on moving forward with your new and stronger life passion.

It is dangerous to remain undecided for a long time. You have to feel the pain of staying at the same stage.  Goal setting, motivation, curiosity for new knowledge and a desire for self-mastery are the steps to be taken at this stage. You should believe that your brain is designed to be an effective dreamer and a creative problem-solver.  True confidence is not about winning or losing but is about knowing that regardless of what happens, you will be at peace with yourself.  “Awaken your strongest self” is the best thing you can do for your life, for your family, your career and yourself.  All the best.