514. Stand Up Comedy

Nowadays, a new trend known as “Stand Up Comedy”  is emerging as people like to have diffrent new types of entertainment. They are getting bored of cinemas and dramas. Stand Up Comedy is a performance given by a comedian in front of live audience. Sometimes the comedian interacts with the audience, ask questions to them and the audience also ask questions to him.

The audience may think that the comedian is dialoguing with them, jovially. But, actually, he has come prepared to entertain us with his jokes, small stories, music and magic. First, they practice with known people and get their feedback. When they become popular, they start to perform in front of many people. They talk about current topics to get more response from the audience.

I used to watch some Indian based stand up comedy  in Tamil, English, Kannada and Hindi. I like the performance of Alex after watching his “Alex in Wonderland”. It was really nice. He made tribute to many famous musical directors and singers in his own way. His shows are really entertaining us. Another promising personality is Praveen Kumar”.  His way of presentation is amazing. He  says jokes in a simple way and makes us to laugh throughout the show.

The success of a show is dependent on how many times the audience laugh and at what frequency. Many humour clubs are organising stand up comedy shows. Nowadays Corporate Companies are arranging such shows to entertain their employees.  Many common people still fear to buy tickets to watch this type of show. The TV channels and U Tube are making the shows popular, as many people are watching them.

Let us also encourage the talent of artists doing Stand up Comedy.


325. The art of miming

Few days back I saw the miming show in a TV programme. I was really impressed by the way of presentation. The artists  take a theme and express it without speech. The facial expression and the body  language convey the message clearly to the audience. It is very much interesting to watch the show.

In the olden days, the rat of miming played an important role in silent movies. We cannot forget the comedy and satire used by Charlie Chaplin in silent movies. The art of miming was well handled by him. The language of gesture was born with man and everybody uses it in life in many situations. The miming artist takes the risk of expressing his thoughts in a gentle manner, in a silent way, without speech. The costume, mask, lighting effect and music add interest to the show.

When the spoken language was not found out, miming is used to convey message and it was used as a medium of conversation. In the present day world, it is regarded as an art and many youngsters show interest in learning it. The performers enact everyday scenes with the help of elaborate gestures. If we watch keenly the gestures, they we can follow the theme.

Usually the comedy theme is enjoyable in a  theatre or stage. The actions and the visual design tell the viewers the story. Abstract mime is used to generate feelings, thoughts and images from a serious topic or issue.

If you get a chance, please don’t miss to watch the miming show.


320. Hindi movie “Jab we met”

I have heard and read about Rothang pass in Manali long ago. The Rothang pass lies between Chenab and Beas river basins. My wish to visit it was fulfilled in May 2016, when I went on a tour to Manali. With great expectations I went there but disappointed very much as the tourists were not permitted upto Snow point. Since it was very hot in May, there was no snow on the mountain range on both sides of the road, through which we travel. The vehicles were stopped at a point below the Himalayan mountain ranges on all sides. Since there was little snow here & there on the mountain ranges, it was not eye-catching for visitors. We stayed there for few hours and returned, without getting impressed.

Few days back, I saw the hindi movie “Jab we met”.  I think its tamil remake “Kandaen kadhalai” was better than this. The comedy track of Santhanam in Kandaen kadhalai was totally missing in hindi version. But, in one song sequence(Jab we met), the beauty of Rothang pass was picturised well. The ice-covered mountain range on both sides of the road gives a chill feeling. For that we can see “Jab we met”.



319. Movie “Ki & Ka”

Recently I saw the hindi movie “Ki & Ka”. The story was about a woman(Ki) who wanted to become a successful business person. So, she didn’t not want to get married. She met a guy(Ka) who was the son of a businessman. That guy was not interested in continuing  the  business of his father. He hated to race for money. He wanted to remain at home and run the family. They got married and started a peaceful life. When Ki mentioned that Ka was the person behind her for her success,  everybody started to like Ka. The media showed much interest in giving popularity to Ka. Ki became jealous of Ka. Ka was invited by Jaya Bachan and got a chance to meet Amitab Bachan and Jaya Bachan. Jaya Bachan gave a present for Ki. Ki quarreled with Ka and Ka leaves the house. Then, Ki opened the gift for her by Jaya Bachan  realises that there was no fault on the part of Ka. Then, Ki and Ka join again.

The story subject even though new, didn’t attract me much.  I am attracted by the  train which remains a motif throughout the film. Even in serious scenes, my eyes fall on the train only. The train is used as a transportation device for food from kitchen to dining table. That is really a novel idea. The trains of different shapes and sizes are seen on the frames.

Yes, the train lovers  can see this film and  enjoy.


318. Movie “Bangalore Naatkal”

Nowadays, we require a lot of patience to sit and watch a movie. In most of the movies, there is no difference between a hero and a  villian. So, I preferred to see a family melodrama.  Few days back I saw the tamil movie “Bangalore Naatkal“. The original version is malayalam. Some films make us to sit and enjoy without getting bored. This film is of that type.

It talks about the dreams of 3 cousins. They share friendly relationship from the childhood. When they grow up, even though they travel in different tracks, join in Bangalore, their dream city. The love and affection between them  continue even in turbulent times. Their attitude in facing and solving the problems entertain us. They help other to come out of the problem.

The story has been narrated in a simple way. The incidents we see make us to remember our relationship with cousins in real life. We can predict what will come next but the treatment of the story keeps us to enjoy.

Everybody has got many things to share with others. But, since the cousins belong to same family & age group, it is easy for them to share good and bad things without ego. The family bonds are shown in comic vein and each & every small character in this film is important for the story.

I hope you will also enjoy the film with hearty smile.


289. Magical moments in life

When an incident in our life makes us happy again and again, we call it as a  magical moment. It could be simple but the special feeling it created lasts forever. When our dear and near ones are happy, the happiness is spread all around & makes us happy.

Daily we do cooking. But, sometimes we get appreciation from others that the dish is nice or we ourselves feel that it is tasty. Enjoy the happiness for some time. Similarly, the speech or deed of our children might have captured our heart. We should store that magical moment in our mind and enjoy. We or our dear ones might have succeeded in a tough job or competition. We should not leave it as it is. We have to cherish and share our happiness with our close kith and kin.

We all want to avoid suffering and live with happiness. When a person is ill or live alone, we have to go in person and recollect the sweet memories of his/her magical moments so that he/she comes out of loneliness and sadness. We should not talk about bad happenings in others’ life.

We should leave the thought that a life of fulfillment is reserved for lucky guys only. Everybody can get it by creating magical moments in life. We have to make time to cherish magical moments with family and friends.  When we meet new persons with same wavelength, we should not miss the opportunity to continue their friendship.

Not only persons, beauty of nature, reading a good book or watching a decent movie can also create such a magic in life. We have to search for chance to get them again and again. Occasionally, we have to come out of template life and enjoy new things. Visiting  new places will also be helpful to get magical touch in life.

So, be ready to celebrate magical moments in life.

286. Touching love story

kuroki's garden

Mr & Mrs. Kuroki were running a dairy farm with 60 cows in Shintomi town, Miyazaki Perfecture, Japan. Due to diabetes, Mrs. Kuroki lost her eyesight suddenly. Mr. Kuroki became very upset on seeing the condition of his wife. She shut herself from the outside world and began living a life of seclusion in her house.

Mr. Kuroki saw pink colour shibazakura flower plant in his farm one day. Its colour and smell attracted him. He worked for two years to create a garden filled with shibazakura flowers. Even though, it is a private residence, Mr. Kuroki allows visitors to see their garden. About 7000 visitors visit this garden during March and April. They not only enjoy the beauty of the flowers but spend time with Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki.

The flowers and the visitors brought back a big smile in the face of Mrs. Kuroki. People praise Mr. Kuroki for bringing blossom in the life of Mrs. Kuroki. See, how the elderly couple turned their sad life into a beautiful one. Let us congratulate them.

280.Pasanga 2 – Tamil movie

Few days back I saw the tamil movie Pasanga 2. It didn’t impress me much. The main theme is about the disease – ADHD ie Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The theme is very good but the presentation is not at all OK. The story wanders here and there for a long time and finally gets the point. The way of story telling in the movie “Taare Zameen Par” makes us get involved in the story from the beginning to end. But, in Pasanga 2, the way of approach is very much boring.  Sometimes the film looks like a documentary film.

The emotional scenes touch the line of melodrama. The behavior of the children in the school is shown as if there is no mistake on their part. What will the teacher and principal do when the children spoil the atmosphere each and every moment?. In the hostel also, they frighten all the other children and create fear & anxiety among warden and other parents.  Finally, they humiliate the apartment secretary and  many others in the apartment. These scenes will create a negative impact among children and parents.

Of course, the performance of Surya and Amala Paul is very good but they are coming into the story in the last hour only.  Then only the actual story starts. The film would have been interesting if Surya and Amala Paul are shown from the beginning and also, their story could have been told in an elaborate way.

The points which I liked in this movie are the story of Surya & Amala Paul, their attitude towards the children affected by ADHD, the education system followed in the school in which Amala Paul works and finally, the climax. The children and parents should not bother about the prize in reality shows is a great message we get. The wonderful theme gets just pass mark because of the method of story telling.

245. Enjoy nature

God has gifted us many wonderful things through nature.  The earth we live is such a beautiful place that we can enjoy many cute small things. We should not get locked in the house throughout the day. Daily we have to come out for sometime and watch hot sun,cool moon, twinkling stars,  moving clouds, dancing trees, smiling flowers, chill breeze  & chirping birds.

We  have to find out a favourite place nearby and sit there calmly for sometime. Enjoy the weather, whether it is hot or cool.  While going on a tour, we have to  spend some time for enjoying the beauty of mountain,  lake, forest or grassland.  It will be very much relaxing to just sit back and hear the sounds of nature.


The magnifying glass or binocular helps us to get a close-up look of  beautiful things far off from our vision. Some people go for bird watching. By taking photographs of various types of birds, they get immense pleasure. To lead a happy, healthy life, we have to take a break from our routine life and enjoy nature.

216. Dhrishyam movie review

We saw the Dhrishyam malayalam movie as well as Papanasam tamil movie. This family thriller captured everybody’s heart and it was made in telugu, kannada and hindi also. Everybody wished to see this film in their own language. It was a superhit in all the languages.

The serious message strucks our heart and teaches a lesson to be very very careful in life. The teenage girls and their parents should be cautious in all activities. I should not tell the story as you will lose interest to see the movie. Story is the hero in all the versions. The actors just fit into their roles to bring out the expression.

This is a commercial success movie in all the languages and the actors have earned good names by acting in this movie. The success is achieved by word of mouth which spread like a wildfire. If we are careless in a small thing, we may  have to  pay a big price for it.

If we have got intelligence and presence of mind, we can  solve the problem after undergoing tough processes. That is the message of the movie. The movie is good in all aspects as it has got good comments from everybody.