526. Savithribai Phule

savithribai phule

Do you know the name of first woman teacher of India? Hereafter you can say “Yes”. It is Savithribai Phule. She was born in Naigaon, Satara District of Maharashtra on 3rd January 1831.  Savitribai Phule was only nine when she was married to 13-year-old Jyothirao Phule. However, her husband educated her and trained her to become a teacher.

She was a social reformer, who, along with her husband played an important role in improving women’s rights in India during the British Rule.  She only took much efforts for establishing a school for girls in India. In 1851, Savitribai Phule founded three schools that taught over 150 girls. Most schools at that time were only meant for those from the upper castes but Savitribai Phule and her husband started schools for ‘untouchables’.

She was a revolutionary woman in 19th century. She is a pioneer of  advocating woman’s right in India. Poetry was her passion and Savitribai Phule wrote about the importance of education in her poems. As a social reformer, she was sensitive towards the needs of women and girls. She set up a care programme for widows and fought against caste-based discrimination. Other major achievements of her include campaigns against Sati tradition, child marriage and other social evils. She passed away on 10th March 1897.

Let us give a big salute for her broad-mindedness and firm mind to promote the status of the women in the society.



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