514. Stand Up Comedy

Nowadays, a new trend known as “Stand Up Comedy”  is emerging as people like to have diffrent new types of entertainment. They are getting bored of cinemas and dramas. Stand Up Comedy is a performance given by a comedian in front of live audience. Sometimes the comedian interacts with the audience, ask questions to them and the audience also ask questions to him.

The audience may think that the comedian is dialoguing with them, jovially. But, actually, he has come prepared to entertain us with his jokes, small stories, music and magic. First, they practice with known people and get their feedback. When they become popular, they start to perform in front of many people. They talk about current topics to get more response from the audience.

I used to watch some Indian based stand up comedy  in Tamil, English, Kannada and Hindi. I like the performance of Alex after watching his “Alex in Wonderland”. It was really nice. He made tribute to many famous musical directors and singers in his own way. His shows are really entertaining us. Another promising personality is Praveen Kumar”.  His way of presentation is amazing. He  says jokes in a simple way and makes us to laugh throughout the show.

The success of a show is dependent on how many times the audience laugh and at what frequency. Many humour clubs are organising stand up comedy shows. Nowadays Corporate Companies are arranging such shows to entertain their employees.  Many common people still fear to buy tickets to watch this type of show. The TV channels and U Tube are making the shows popular, as many people are watching them.

Let us also encourage the talent of artists doing Stand up Comedy.


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