504. How to become a good quizzer

Some people may have an inborn desire to become a good quizzer. Some special qualities are required to achieve this goal. Listening and observing everything we see in life is very very important for them. They should know about each and everything in the world.

They should never give up and keep on trying to store all the news in the brain. They should listen to music, not only their favourites but also everything. They should watch television programmes of different cultures and different languages. Daily they should read the newspaper from top to bottom and practice to keep everything in mind  is essential. They should go to the library and read all the types of books.

Watching people is also important for quizzers.  The quizzers should be passionate to others. The quizzers should not feel shy to ask doubts to others. There are many people to help them. The internet is really a boon to quizzers. They should play daily online quiz to equip them for quiz battles.

A good quizmaster will use the media as a benchmark for what contestants are likely to know and what is likely to flummox them. So to become a good quizzer, one has to attend quiz competition and all the time ready to face any quiz tournament. Many schools encourage quizzers and give them full support.

Reading the news with interest and remembering them linking with some objects always help the quizzers. I wish the real quizzers to come up in life and succeed always.

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