503. Last bench student can also win

In schools, usually, the students who study well will sit in the first bench and average students will sit in the last bench. Everybody will think that those who sit in the first bench will succeed in their life, afterwards. Sometimes, this prediction fails. The last bench student can also win.

In most of the classes we have been seeing that the last benchers is a term which is definitely used for the students who are lazy pathetic in their study life and way to notorious and maybe sometimes the disturbing elements of the class. It may not be true in many cases.  Dr. Abdul Kalam told that the best brains of the nation may be fond on the last benches of the classroom.

We won’t give much importance to those who are back benchers but they have the best academic scores than the front benches so it’s just about the mentality that they have basically it is a stereotype that Back benchers are fools. But, teachers do think that they are the most laziest and non studying students of the class. The backbenchers could not solve easy problems but they could solve many tough problems those are not solved by others.

Every  Classroom hold innumerable memories for us. We saw all kinds of people , but the most interesting ones of the lot were the back benchers and most silence people’s are first benchers . Everyone would wonder what these last bench students did, and why the teachers were always suspicious of them.   When there is any confusion in the classroom, the blame for that confusion will be put on the last benchers only.

Some backbenchers may listen to music or eat something or disturb the teacher and other students. But, those people may concentrate on their work in future and do well.  We should not underestimate last bench students. We have to wait and watch what they do when they grow up.


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