502. Befriend yourself

You deserve your love and affection than anybody else in this world. You can be your best friend because you know better about yourself than others.  You can be honest, direct, interested, inquisitive, warm, compassionate, non-judgmental, understanding and  having deeply feeling about yourself.  People can utilize their personal power and actively contribute to their own growth and development, in essence becoming their own ally.

It is a paradox that if we cannot open our hearts to ourselves then we have no foundation for dealing with other people lovingly and compassionately.  We can make lot of money but we cannot enjoy without befriending ourselves. By this, you can do self-help, therapy, spiritual seeking, meditation, trying to silence your mind and to lose your ego.   You are not alone. Your innerself is a good friend who travel with you throughout your life, sharing your depression, mental stress and uncomfortable feelings.

You know your past, your background, your personality and your achievements.  You can be a good critic of yourself. It helps to improve the quality of life, to gain self-confidence and to have better connection with others.  Our negative thoughts are our enemies. It is essential to discover what you are telling yourself about yourself and about others. It is necessary to look for the negative ways of thinking that predominate in areas of your life that you feel limited or demoralized. Some of these voices may be assessed directly, whereas others are more hidden.

You have to do self-analysation very often. Don’t let others to judge you and do your judgement impartially.  You appreciate yourself for your good and positive views and deeds. You focus on your areas of improvement. You have to take firm steps for self-improvement. you set some goals and check periodically whether you achieve them. Don’t bother about the comments of the society, rather the people around you. They may try to advice you to do something else. Be firm to do the things which you think as good for you. You need not bother about your failures as you have taken some efforts on your own to do something.  Be courageous and face the challenges of the world. You need not follow anybody’s footsteps and you have got every liberty to walk in your own path. Go ahead by being yourself and being a good friend to you.

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