498. Try to be a Rainbow in someone else’s cloud

In our life we might have set some goals to achieve. Even after sincere efforts, we may not be able to achieve a goal. At the same time, someone close to us, may try to achieve the same goal. We may be in a position to help him/her to achieve it.  By our help, they can achieve that goal. This is known as being a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

No matter how it happens, we can all appreciate that life’s moments are not always filled with sunshine. We have not failed in life as we could not achieve that goal. Goad has chosen us for helping someone else for achieving the same goal. We should be happy about it.  We should understand  that each person we come across is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Whether it is internally or externally, every person we meet is dealing with something that is challenging for him/her.

It is really a blessing for being a rainbow  to others and we offer ourselves to them. When we have no belief left in ourselves, sometimes we need somebody else to provide that belief. Sometimes we need a rainbow in a cloud of our own. When we are longing for something and if it is not possible to achieve, God will send a rainbow to us, for fulfilling our desire.

Everyone, not just you, has bad days. Days that are filled with oppressive clouds where the person just can’t see their way out of the darkness. These days, weeks or months may seem unbearable to live through. That is where the rainbow comes in. A rainbow can make the darkest days brighter. You may see a rainbow after a storm passes and no matter how bad the storm was you have a sense of peace that the outcome of it is a beautiful rainbow. You can be someone’s rainbow. Simple as that.

Let us try to be a rainbow for someone else atleast once in our lifetime.



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