491. Self-Worth

Self-worth is a feeling that you are a good person having all good qualities and who deserves to be treated with respect.  Many people think that they are greater than others and their self-worth is much more than others.  Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are intimately tied into how we view our worthiness and value as human beings.

The act of competing with others can help us feel like we have impressive good achievements under our belt, which then makes us feel proud of ourselves and enhances our acceptance of ourselves. Our ability, effort and performance helps us to measure our self-worth. Self-worth is determined mostly by our self-evaluated abilities and our performance in one or more activities that we deem valuable.

People compare their self-worth with others by comparing the factors like appearance, smile, behavior,  income, material possession, the kind of attention they get from others, social circle, importance, influence,  career and achievement. But, in reality, are the above factors only decide one person’s self-worth. His qualities like kindness, love towards others and the quality of fogiving others only decide self-worth of a person.

How can we improve our self-worth? We have to concentrate on improving self-esteem, boosting self-confidence, building a healthy self-image and developing courage to face our problems.  Self-worth is an internal state of being that comes from self-understanding and self-love. Our self-worth will increase when we have unshakable faith in ourselves.



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