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485. Morals and Ehics in daily life

Every family was following some morals and ethics in daily life previously. ‘Morality‘ simply means the principle which tells us the distinction between right or wrong and good or bad. The elders in a family  used to tell the youngsters that the head of the family will punish if  the morals and ethics are not followed. So, the youngsters were following them, without questioning.

Nowadays, we see the violation of morals and ethics everywhere. In India, the youngsters simply fly in their two-wheelers, overtaking all the vehicles and violating all traffic rules. Giving respect to elders is considered  as “old-fashion”. In majority of movies, the heros are smoking, drinking & doing rowdyism and that has been liked by the heroines. The younsters also like such movies and follow the actions of heros and heroines. If a guest comes to a house, only elders show hospitality. The youngsters in the family never bother to know who the guest is. They pretend to be busy.  In schools and colleges, the students mock teachers, other students and the Principal.  The elders in the family also have changed a lot. When somebody is absent, the other members in the family immediately start to gossip about that person. What morality the younsters will take from them!

Another serious drawback is all the people, irrespective of age,  are getting addicted to the social media. They believe whatever the media says. They are not checking whether the information given through social media is right or wrong.  Another big thing is everybody wants to lead a selfish life without  bothering about anything and anybody.

Ethics on the other part are set of common realized values of the entire society.  These are the codified or normative version of do’s and dont’s.  It is always taken that the person with the ethical values will always have high moral values.  If morals are followed in all families, ethics in the society can also be easily followed.

We have to think about this and try to follow morals in the family so that ethics in the society will also be restored properly.

482.Kancheepuram Athivaradhar

Whether you believe it or not, I was talking from January 2019 itself, regarding visiting Kancheepuram to have the darshan of Lord Athivaradhar.  I had read about Him long back, in newspaper and magazines. I didn’t expect that  people will flood to Kancheepuram from the nook and corner of the world to see Him.

Very casually, we booked tickets by bus to Kancheepuram from Coimbatore. Fortunately, we got a room in a hotel after trying some 10 hotels for 24th July 2019. We are reading and seeing the news about Athivaradhar darshan almost daily.  We sat readily 4 days before the darshan date for booking the darshan ticket through online. But, after trying for more than 45 minutes, we couldn’t do. But, after few minutes, we saw in the website that the booking for 24th was closed. How could it happen, we don’t know. Later, we have read in a newspaper that the website is not working properly. Then, how the booking  is done daily, that also we don’t know.

We  made up our mind to stand in general queue and definitely will have the darshan of Athivaradhar. After reaching the hotel on 24th morning, we quickly got ready and caught a bus to reach the temple. All the vehicles were stopped 2 KM before the temple and we have to cross the distance by walk only. We never minded walking. So, we happily started to walk and joined  the queue. When we reached the East Gopuram,  the policeman asked us whether we wished to join in Senior Citizen queue and we agreed. He collected some 50 people and allowed inside. I think the crowd is comparatively less in Senior Citizen queue than in general queue. Nobody in the queue pushed or try to overtake us. Everybody walked  like a procession until we reached Vasantha Mandapam.

In the same manner the queue proceeded and we got the historical moment in our life of having the darshan of Lord Athivaradhar.  I cann’t describe it in words. There is  a saying in tamil, “Kaana kann kodi vaendum”. Yes, we could stand for one full minute and had His darshan from foot to head. Oh, that minute was wonderful in my life and we walked out happily with full contentment. Hardly it took one hour and 45 minutes after getting down from the bus, for walking and having His darshan.

I pray for hastlefree darshan for all.