467. Kasi Samaradhana

We visited Rameshwaram first and brought the sand. We took it to Kasi and immersed in Ganga river. We visited Rameswaram once again to give the Ganga Jal brought from Kasi, for doing abhishekam to Ramanathaswamy. Finally, we did Kasi Samaradhana.

We did puja in Raghavendraswamy Mutt and gave Kasi Ganga Jal pot, Annapoorani Vigraha, Prasadham, Kasi Kayiru and  Vishnu Padam to all our relatives. We did Thambathi puja to an aged couple and gave them Dhothi-Sari. We gave Muradhubayana to 5 Sumangalis, by keeping all he mangala items in Muram.  We did Go-dhana by keeping Cow-Calf in brass on a brass plate. We also did Phala-dhana  by keeping 5 types of fruits, each 4 in number, in a big brass thambalam and gave it with all mangala items. Finally, we did Dheepa-Dhana  to 10 male members.

The Kasi Samaradhana Puja was over by doing all the Dhanas. We fed all our relatives and 10 brahmins. The kasi Yathra is complete with this puja. We returned home with full contentment.

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