457.My visit to places in December 2018-II

After visiting Namakkal, we moved to Thiruchenkode. I already visited this place some 30 years back. At that time, I could climb the steps easily to have the darshan of Lord Ardhanareeswarar.  This time, I feared that I could not climb steps that much easily.  The hill top temple can be reached by climbing up 1206 steps, made of stone. To my surprise, proper road was available so that we could go by car to the top.

The town has a hill, which is about 650 ft. height . The temple is dedicated to  the unique half-male half-female of Lord Shiva. It is perhaps the only temple in Asia where this rare form of the Divine is enshrined as the principal deity. The deity here is also known as Madhorubagan  and Ammaiappan.  (mother-father).  An eternal spring runs under the feet of Lord Ardhanareeswarar. The famous Chenkottu Velavar Temple, dedicated to Lord Murugan , is also situated on the same hill.

Thirugnanasambandhar praised this temple in Devaram.  Great poets and saints like Arunagirinathar, Ilango adigal, Kaviraja pandithar amongst others have enlogised this holy place in their divine poems.  Lord Arthanareeswarar is giving salvation to all souls, from the hill top temple. Lord Sengottuvelavar and Lord Adhikesava Perumal in separate shrines as presiding deities.

With happy faces, we came back to Coimbatore, after finishing our wonderful tour of the year 2018.



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