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436. Our visit to Chennai – III

Our visit to temples in Kancheepuram continued on 18th June 2018 evening. From Varadharaja Perumal temple we went to  Vilakoli Perumal temple. This also comes under 108 divya desa perumal temples.  Once Lord Brahma, the God of the creation was sad that,  he had no temple in earth and conducted a yagna which was dedicated to Lord Shiva.  But for this yagna, he failed to invite his own consort Goddess  Saraswathi. Due to this, Sri Saraswathi got angry and cursed Lord Brahma  that there should not be any light to conduct the yagna.  To get help, Lord Brahma approached Lord Vishnu  for light. Lord Perumal appeared before Brahma in the form of the jyoti(light) and helped Brahma. Thus, Lord Perumal came to be known as Vilakkoli Perumal. In addition to this, Lord Perumal helped to compromise between Brahma and Saraswathi.  Lord Perumal granted his darshan to Mother Saraswathi  in this place.

This place is also known as Thoopul as it was dense with Dharba grass. Also, this is the birth place of the Vaishnava Acharya Sri Vedanta Maha Desika , hence he is praised as Thoopul Vedanta Desika.  Desika was a god gifted child to his mother who was the great devotee of the Lord Vishnu. There is a separate shrine for Sri Desika in the temple.  Lord Lakshmi Hayagriva idol worshipped by Sri Desika,  is still in the temple.

Next, we went to Sonna Vannam Seidha Perumal(one of the 108 divya desa perumal temples)  temple.  When Thirumizhisai Alwar was living in Kanchipuram, an old lady used to clean his house daily and do some small favours for him. He was very happy by her favours, and  Alwar changed her from old lady to a beautiful woman. Wondering at her beauty, the king married the woman and she became the queen. On hearing this secret, the king was eager to meet Thirumizhisai Alwar.

Kani Kannan was a great follower of the Thirumazhisai Alwar.  So, the king called up Kani Kannan and told him that Thirumizhiasi Alwar should come and sing a song praising him. Kani Kannan immediately replied that, all the poems sung by Thirumizhisai Alwar belonged to the Lord Srivaikundanatha and it is impossible to come to the palace.  Due to this, king got angry and ordered Kani Kannan to get out of Kanchi.  Then,  Kani kannan went to Thirumizhisai Alwar and explained all the happenings in the palace.

Then , he decided to get out of the Kanchi. While they were going, he sang a song on the Yadhothakari Perumal saying that,  as Kani Kannan was leaving Kanchipuram, he was also going along with him and Alwar asked the Lord to get up from his Aadhisheshan(the holy snake) , which is the bed for him, to  roll it and quit from Kanchi.  At that time,the Lord also got from the Kanchi following  Alwar and Kani Kannan. On hearing this, the king and all the people of the kanchi begged Kani Kannan to return back to the Kanchipuram.  After this, Kani Kannan returned back to the Kanchipuram along with the Thirumizhisai Alwar. Alwar sang a song saying that Kani Kannan had returned back to Kanchi and he wanted Perumal to go and sleep in his Aadhiseshan back in the temple.  On hearing this, Shriman Narayana comes back to Thiruvekka temple and gives his sayana seva.  As the Lord obeyed the words, he came to be known as “Sonna Vannam seitha perumal”.

435. Our visit to Chennai – II

In Kancheepuram, on 18th June 2018 evening, we started by 5 PM and  came by auto to Varadharaja Perumal temple.  It comes under 108 divya Desam temples.  The place is known as Athigiri, as the elephant Iravadham lifted Perumal like a Mount.  Thirukkachi Nambi who lived in this  place was  performing  Aalavattam (Sacred fanning) to  Lord Devarajaswamy(Varadharaja Peumal).  It is told that this saint used  to talk to Lord everyday.  This is the place where Ramanujar, who used to bring holy water to Lord  for Thirumanjanam, was spotted by Alavandar as a successor to him.  It is from this place that Ramanujar  was sent to Srirangam by Thirukkachi Nambi with the blessings of Lord Devarajaswamy everyday.

Brahma called Vishwa Karma, the celestial sculpture to erect a city at Kancheepuram where he wanted to perform Yaga.  Vishwa Karma built a beautiful city which was appreciated by even the celestial beings and there Brahma started performing Yaga without his wife Saraswathi.  (It was customary  to do  yaga  jointly with one’s consort).  Having heard about this yaga,  Saraswathi got angry and wanted to destroy yaga salai by   taking the form of a river, which was later called “Vegavathi”.    Brahma was afraid and surrendered   before   Lord  Narayana requesting the Lord to save him from this imminent danger.  Lord Narayana   lied   down   across  the flowing river.    As Saraswathi did not have strength to cross Lord Narayana, she   entered  the earth  and  disappeared.  Later Saraswathi got compromised and Brahma performed   ‘Aswametha Yaga’.

At the end of the Aswametha yaga, the brightest and most beautiful Lord Varadarajar  appeared along with his consorts  Sridevi and Boodevi in Punniakodi vimanam which came out of Yaga Agni (Holy Fire).  Lord Varadaraja asked Brahma what he required.  Brahma begged the Lord that the  Lord Devarajaswamy should remain   in   the  same from  at  this  sacred   place  permanently  and  to  give  darshan  to the pleasure  of all living beings in the world and the Lord agreed. His consort is known as Perundevi.

Interestingly found only in the Varadaraja Perumal temple at Kanchipuram is the silver and gold lizards on the ceiling of a small chamber in this temple. With mystical diagrams of the sun and moon near it, this large lizard is supposed to wipe out all the accumulated “doshams” if we get to touch it. There is an endless list of “doshams” given in our panchangam. The sun, moon and the lizard (palli) are related to astrology and give remedies with relation to our horoscopes for a more peaceful living. Touching these lizards on the ceiling nullifies the negative effects that we might have accumulated in the course of our living, knowingly or unknowingly.




434. Our visit to Chennai – I

Last week, we attended two functions in Chennai,  one on 16th of July 2018 and another  on 22nd of July 2018. We made a plan to visit some temples in between.  After attending the first function, we went to Tirupathi. There we had very good darshan of Venkatachalapathi and Padmavathi Thayar.

On 17th evening, from Tirupathi, we came to Kancheepuram. Every time, when we go to chennai, we will make one day visit to  Kancheepuram. There, we used to   visit Valakarutha Easwan temple, Ulagalandha  Perumal temple and sri Kamakshi amman temple.  On  18th morning, we went by walk to Ulagalandha Perumal temple. Since it was early morning, there was no crowd.  From there we walked to Sri Kamakshi Amman temple.  Every time when we reach Sri Kamakshi amman temple, there will be heavy rush and we could stand before the Goddess for few seconds only. This time, being early morning, we could spend about 15 to 20 minutes before the Amman.

Then, again by walk, we came to Chathubhuja Anjaneya temple.  From there, we went to our favourite temple ie., Valakarutha Easan temple.  There, we could see Abhishekam. Since it was a Monday, there was heavy rush in the temple. We lit 16 Agal vilakku and made 16 Pradikshana  Namaskara.

From there, we went to Ekambaranathar temple.  This is dedicated to Lord Shiva  and in Pancha bhootha Sthalas, this is Prithvi Sthala.  His consort is known as Gowridevi Amman.  The temple’s inner walls are decorated with an array of 1,008 Siva lingams. The sthala-virutcham is a 3,500 year old mango tree whose branches are said to yield four different types of mangoes.  Legend has it that once Parvati was doing tapas under the temple’s ancient Mango Tree. In order to test her devotion Lord Shiva sent fire on her. Goddess Parvati prayed to her brother, Lord Vishnu, for help. In order to save her, he took the Moon from Lord Shiva’s head and showed the rays which then cooled down the tree as well as Parvati.  After that, Lord Shiva again sent the river Ganga to disrupt Parvati’s tapas. Parvati devi prayed to Ganga and convinced her that both of them were sisters and so should not harm her. And so Ganga did not disturb her penance after that. Then Parvati made a Shiva Linga out of sand and got united with Lord Shiva.

We returned to the lodge for having our lunch. We felt hungry as we skipped breakfast.