431. Yogasana 11 – Januhasthasana


From Vajrasana pose, we have to begin Januhasthasana.  In this asana, the body is stretched more like a string of bow when pulled at the time of archery. Janu means knee and hastha means hand. While doing this asana, the hands are placed besides the knees.

For doing this asana, we have to sit on the floor, by bending the legs at the knees backwards and the toes should touch the ground. We should place the palms on the ground, in front of the knees. Then, we have to push the neck backwards and chest outwards. At that time, our waist should be pushed dowards, pressing the entire body weight.  In this pose, we can relax the entire body comfortably. The breathing should be very normal and we won’t get tired, by doing this asana.

Benefits :   Those who have got joint pain, will get relief from pain,  if they do this asana regularly.  Hypertension will be reduced a lot. The lower half of our body will get proper blood circulation.

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