426. When a mobile phone is lost

What to do when a mobile phone is lost?

We have to report to the network provider immediately, when a mobile phone is lost. We can block and stop anyone else using it.  We can use another device to call our mobile number. We can also use our carrier’s mobile app to override our ringer settings and sound an alert. If the lost phone is got by a good person, he may try to return it.  We can text a message as how to reach us. If we are sure that the phone is lost and the data in that phone should not be seen by anybody else, then  we can use the remote wipe functionality to remove data.

The mobile apps from our carriers protection plan  can remotely lock our phone. We can also change password for email and social media. Finally, we have to report the loss to the police. Our network provider will give us our phone’s identification number (IMEI), which we should pass on to the police.

We can use “find my device” to find out the lost mobile phone. For this, we have to type android.com/find in google search. Then, we have to login into our google account. There we can see the model number, play sound, lock, erase options regarding our lost phone.  In the map, the current location of the phone.  While we can configure Find My Device ahead of time, the service should be available in the event we lose or misplace our phone. It will use Wi-Fi or GPS to help us hunt down your device.

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