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431. Yogasana 11 – Januhasthasana


From Vajrasana pose, we have to begin Januhasthasana.  In this asana, the body is stretched more like a string of bow when pulled at the time of archery. Janu means knee and hastha means hand. While doing this asana, the hands are placed besides the knees.

For doing this asana, we have to sit on the floor, by bending the legs at the knees backwards and the toes should touch the ground. We should place the palms on the ground, in front of the knees. Then, we have to push the neck backwards and chest outwards. At that time, our waist should be pushed dowards, pressing the entire body weight.  In this pose, we can relax the entire body comfortably. The breathing should be very normal and we won’t get tired, by doing this asana.

Benefits :   Those who have got joint pain, will get relief from pain,  if they do this asana regularly.  Hypertension will be reduced a lot. The lower half of our body will get proper blood circulation.

430. Thandu Mariamman temple, Coimbatore

thandu mariamman

The people living in Coimbatore might have visited Thandu Mariamman temple in Uppilipalayam atleast once.  This place is very close to Nehru stadium and VOC Park, on the Avinashi Road.  Goddess Parvathi blesses us in the form of Thandu Mariamma. This temple is 500 years old and the business people surrounding this temple visit here daily, before starting their daily business.

The Goddess has saved many people from chicken-pox. It is said that when Thandu Mariamman appeared in the dream of a soldier under Tippu Sultan.  The goddess told her that she was living in the nearby forest. The soldier went in search for her and was thrilled to her locate her near the neem tree. He, then with the help of his friends constructed a temple.   Thandu or Dhandu means the place where soldiers erect their tent during war and other expeditions. As Mariamman was found in a Dhandu she came to be known as Thandu Mariamman or Dhandumariamman.

Brahmotsavam is celebrated annually for 13 days, from the first Tuesday of Chithrai month. The Navarathri Festival in Puratasi-Aippasi (September-October-November) is celebrated in this temple on a grand scale. The processions, with the image of the goddess in a huge chariot, are the main attraction of the Thandumariyaman Temple.

Please visit this temple and get the blessings of Arulmigu Thandu Mariamman.


427. Sukshma sakthi and our body

The sakthi which controls our mind and unites the emotions with the body is called Sukshma sakthi. When we think about a pace, our mind goes there immediately, irrespective of the distance.  When we do deep thinking about bad things or bad people, our sukshma sakthi decreases our strength and causes self-pity. But, if we pray to God to relieve us from bad things and safeguard us from bad people, the  sukshma sakthi in our body helps us to geet peace of mind and strength.

We call people who uses this Sukshma sakthi as “Mahaan“.  When some people cook food, it becomes tasty and when others cook in the similar way, we maynot get the same taste. The Sukshma sakthi in the form of Pranasakthi is the reason for it. Some people get cured from severe disease without any medicine, with the help of this Pranasakthi. When we visit temples or Jeeva Samathi of great Mahaan, our Sukshma sakthi increases.

When we move away from nature, our Sukshma sakthi, we will loose our Sukshma sakthi. Except man, all the Jeevarasis in the world, think and act with Sukshma sakthi alone. We should allow the Pancha Bootha Prana sakthi to flow in the atmosphere around us. Our body parts should co-ordinate well with Sukshma sakthi, to lead a healthy life. When our Sukshma sakthi gets ill, our body also gets ill.

We should walk for sometime daily  without, wearing cheppal or shoe.  Our feet should get direct contact with the earth. When we think about some act deeply, we get the energy to do that act.

So, let us use the sukshma sakthi in the good way to achieve good things in life.

426. When a mobile phone is lost

What to do when a mobile phone is lost?

We have to report to the network provider immediately, when a mobile phone is lost. We can block and stop anyone else using it.  We can use another device to call our mobile number. We can also use our carrier’s mobile app to override our ringer settings and sound an alert. If the lost phone is got by a good person, he may try to return it.  We can text a message as how to reach us. If we are sure that the phone is lost and the data in that phone should not be seen by anybody else, then  we can use the remote wipe functionality to remove data.

The mobile apps from our carriers protection plan  can remotely lock our phone. We can also change password for email and social media. Finally, we have to report the loss to the police. Our network provider will give us our phone’s identification number (IMEI), which we should pass on to the police.

We can use “find my device” to find out the lost mobile phone. For this, we have to type in google search. Then, we have to login into our google account. There we can see the model number, play sound, lock, erase options regarding our lost phone.  In the map, the current location of the phone.  While we can configure Find My Device ahead of time, the service should be available in the event we lose or misplace our phone. It will use Wi-Fi or GPS to help us hunt down your device.

425. Guruvayurappan


Guruvayurappan is a form of Vishnu.  Here, the Lord appears in the form of Baby Krishna. The deity represents the Purna Roopa revealed by baby Krishna to His parents immediately after His advent in Kamsa‘s  jail. Lord Krishna immediately after his birth had revealed Himself as four-armed standing Vishnu in front of His parents Devaki and  Vasudeva.  The temple is located in the town of Guruvayur, Thrissur District, Kerala, India.  This place is often referred to as “Bhuloka Vaikunta“.

The idol installed at Guruvayur Sri Krshna Temple represents a form of Krshna with its four arms carrying the conch Pancajanya, the magical discus with serrated edges Sudarsana Cakra, the mace Kaumodaki and a lotus with a boly basilgarland.   The temple puja  routines are strictly followed.  The Vedic traditions being followed at this temple with absolute perfection is the hallmark of the Guruvayur temple.

It is believed that those tying their wedding knots in this temple will have a long happy married life. So, wedding ceremonies are common daily here.  devotees, realising their wishes offer things of their choice to Lord equal to their weight, called Thulabaram.  Parents do the first rice  feeding to their children, a ritual called  “Anna Prasanam” in this temple.

The door of this temple is opened by 52 elephants.  First Nirmalya Puja is done by 3 AM, followed by Abhishekam.  Many people like to have the darshan of the Lord on 14th April, as the chief priest gives a coin to all the devotees on that day.

Once a Nenmini Namboodiri, the priest at the Guruvayur temple, instructed his twelve-year-old son to offer the Nivedyam to the Lord. There was only one priest in those days and the Nenmini Namboodiri had to go out on an urgent engagement. The son, Unni, offered a Nivedyam of cooked rice to the Lord; in his simplicity, he believed that the deity would eat the food, but the deity did not move. Unni bought some salted mangoes and curd from a neighborhood vendor, thinking that the Lord would prefer this, mixed the curd with rice and offered it again. The deity again remained unmoved. Unni cajoled, requested, coaxed and in the end threatened, but the deity remained unmoved. He wept because he believed he had failed and shouted at the Lord, exclaiming that his father would beat him.

The Lord could not bear it any more, and made the Nivedyam disappear. The boy left the temple satisfied. Unni did not know that the Nivedyam offered to the Lord was the Variyar’s prerequisite. When Variyar returned to the temple, he saw the empty plate and became very angry with Unni, but Unni insisted that God had, in fact, eaten the offering. Unni’s innocent words made Variyar furious, as he believed the boy had eaten the offering himself and was lying. His father was about to beat Unni, but just then an Asareeri (celestial voice) was heard saying, “I am guilty. Unni is innocent. I ate all the food that he had offered me. There’s no need to punish him”.

Please visit Guruvayur temple  to have blessings of Guruvayurappan.



424. Our visit to Kumarakom


We started our journey from Coimbatore to Ernakulam by train on 16th April 2018, by Alleppey Express.  My sisters’s family also came with us and we had a nice time throughout the trip. We reached Ernakulam Junction by 9.30 AM and the travels car was waiting for us.

After one and a half hour journey, we reached Kumarakom house boat. We  got into the house boat at 12 AM.  The house boat journey in the backwaters started immediately. It travelled through Vembanadu and Kuttanadu. We were served with tender coconut as “Welcome drink”. Since, Kerala was hotter than Coimbatore, the drink was ok for us. The house boat was really good. It had a hall with sofas, 3 AC rooms for our stay and a kitchen.  We went to the upper deck and enjoyed the sceneries from there also.  On all the sides, there were many boats and house boats. There were some lands in between and trees & plants were there. We could see some houses and domestic animals also. The lunch was simple but the taste was good.

We took rest  in the room, even though it was hot inside. In the evening, they gave us tea and snacks.  Our houseboat was tied to a tree by 5 PM and we stayed there throughout the night. We were not allowed to get down from the boat. The AC was switched on by 7 PM and we got a sigh of relief. The dinner was too good with chapathis and 4 types of tasty side-dishes. We slept in our rooms peacefully.

Next day morning, we were given a simple breakfast and we got down from the houseboat by 9 AM. The travels  car came  for pick up and we went to Alleppey. On the way from Kumarakom to Alleppey, we saw many boats and houseboats, as there were many lakes.  In Alleppey, there were hundreds of boats and houseboats  and this place was famous for Boat race also. We got into a motor-boat and had a pleasant trip for two hours.

We got good lunch in “Saravana Bhavan” hotel and we went to Kadavil resort to stay. The dinner was simple with chapathis and bread. The rooms were OK. The next day morning,  we were provided with complimentary breakfast with lot of tasty items. Again, the travels car came to pick up  and took us to Cochin Fort. The beach was nearby but it was too hot in the morning.  There were some old monuments nearby.  Then, we had our lunch in a decent hotel and the travels car dropped us in the Ernakulam Railway station. Our train  came by 5.30 PM and we came to Coimbatore, carrying sweet memories.