422. New trends in Education

Getting smart education is becoming popular in 21st century.  Education should be skill based and the students should have interest to learn. We need to have a progressive mindset and keep generating changes that time demands. Globally the trends are changing. Machines are taking on humans. There are talks about driverless cars, robotic surgeries and so on so forth. So, the education should also change correspondingly.

Efforts are being taken by researchers for changing education through talks, writing, advising, and teaching.  People, students, and teachers create the change not the administrators or the executives.  Many experts started to say that using social networking to teach any subject and catapult students into a realm other than stagnant learning means blending the traditional education with modern communication. Many educators believe this is the route to engaging students in learning all the basic skills they need.

Students love movement, television and film so utilizing these snippets of information transforms the meaning of learning especially for many students who are strapped for time. They learn to survive in the real world so the concept of underground education challenges educators in any walk of life to give students the tools with which to live and breathe in the world around them.  The student shouldn’t be embarrassed about failing the first time around, not even the second or third time. The instructor should actually encourage students to learn from that failure.

Schools in increasing numbers are implementing BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) and allowing students and staff to use mobile devices on the Wi-Fi network. Some schools have begun rethinking their libraries as open spaces, or learning hubs conducive to rest, independent learning and creativity.  By presenting students with deeper-level questions and instant access to almost infinite data and information, teachers are able to encourage children to become inquisitive problem-solvers and innovators.

So, parents should not press their children to score more marks in the exam. The children should be allowed to learn whatever they like.

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