421. Edison of India


Being a Coimbatorian, I am really proud to say that the Edison of India “G.D.Naidu” also belongs to Coimbatore. He had only primary education but excelled as a versatile genius.  He was a man of vision and action. He always had a thirst to find out the answer for many “whys and hows”.

First, he worked in a hotel, earned money and bought a motorcycle. He dismantled  and reassembled it easily.  He purchased an automobile coach and drove it between Pollachi and Palani.  His Universal Motor Service(UMS) became the most efficient transport in India.

His inventions are recognised by the whole world. He developed indigenous motor.  He took the honor of having invented and  manufactured  the first electric motor in India. He invented many tools(about 100) which help people in the fields of engineering, mechanical, agriculture and industries.  Among his super inventions, I like to mention a few viz., super thin shaving blades, kerosene-run fan, film camera with distance adjuster,  fruit juice extractor, 5 valve radio Called UMS radio just for Rs. 70.00 & a tamper-proof vote-recording machine.

His innovative  camera captured historical Indian personalities such as  Gandhiji, Subbash Chanda Bose and Nehru. He spent his hard-earned money  for students’ scholarship, research etc. With his aid,  India’s first Polytechnic college(Arthor Hope college) and Engineering college were started.   He donated 5000 sq.ft land in prime location of the city to start  Chamber of Commerce.

We should appreciate the mentality of this genius. When other people of his village only watched  in surprise the motor cycle and the driving of the vehicle by the foreigner, G.D.Naidu wished to drive the motor cycle himself and  wanted to learn the mechanism of the vehicle.

We have to say that he is truly a man in a million.


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