419. Thirukachi Nambi

Gajendra dasan was born in a rich family in Poovirundavalli. His father and his two elder brothers were doing business.  Gajendra dasan was not interested in earning money. He wanted to do bagavath kaingaryam to Kancheepuram Varadharaja Perumal, as a bachelor.  He gave away all his share of wealth to his brothers and obtained a barren land in Poovirundavalli.

He converted this barren land as a Nandavanam by his constant efforts and planted all flower plants in it. Daily  he prepared  flower malas and carried malas & flowers  by walk to Kancheepuram. He was also doing Aalavatta Kaingaryam to Kanchi Varadharaja Perumal.  Gajendra dasan was popularly known as Thirukachi Nambi.

He had a boon as he had the darshan of Kanchi Vardhan often and had chances to converse with Him. Kanchi Varadhan used to give him orders and  Thirukachi Nambi obliged his orders immediately. Thirukachi Nambi used to ask  solution to   Kanchi Varadhan for many problems he and his well wishers faced.  Varadhan used to respond to his request. Varadhan considered Thirukachi Nambi as his friend and conversed with him casually.

Due to transition of Planet Saturn Thirukachi Nambi had to part Kanchi Varadhan for seven and a half years. When Thirukachi told that he could not live without having the darshan of Lord Varadhan,  Varadhan relaxed Shani’s ugram and permitted that it was enough  to remain parted for seven and a half Naligai. But, Thirukachi could not eat or drink anything, without seeing Varadhan.  During this time, the Lord’s Ratnaharam was said to be lost and Thirukachi Nambi was blamed as the culprit. After seven and a half Naligai, the Ratnaharam was found and Thirukachi Nambi was relieved by the King. Everyone understood about his devotion to Lord Varadhan.

Thirukachi Nambi remained as a guide and mentor to  Shri Ramanujar  and helped him to take major decisions in his life. As per his advice, Shri Ramanujar was doing Theertha Kangaryam to Lord Varadhan in Kancheepuram.

Thirukachi Nambi did service to Thirukoshtiyur Nambi  to obtain  “Bhagavatha Sambandham” and became eligible for Moksha. Lord Varadharaja Perumal welcomed him with open arms and praised his steadfast affection and devotion.  At this time, Thirukachi Nambi started to recite mesmerising  “Devaraja Ashtagam” and attained Moksha to serve Shriman Narayanan in Sree Vaikundam.


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