417. Madhwacharya – III

It is indeed because of this farsighted vision of the Madhwacharya that the holy Ganga of dasasahitya flowed in the Kannada land and made Kannada literature more glorious than ever.  Madhwacharya’s philosophy is the real philosophy that will grant eternal bliss in the form of moksha-Golden words  of Sri RaghavendraSripadharayar said that the one who is the most powerful amongst all jivas, the abode of all good qualities is one bearing the name Sri Madhwacharya.

Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya, contemporary of Sri Madhwacharya  had a unique sight of seeing Sri Madhwacharya worshiping Lord Krishna, and he was wonder struck to see the divine sight – Hanuman performing puja to Sri RamaBhima to Sri Krishna and Madhwacharya to Sri Veda Vyasa .  It seems that Sri Madhwacharya had reveled to Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya that he is the third avathara of Vayu, the Wind God.

In Pajaka kshethra, there is a pond called Vasudeva theertha. When we go around this theertha, we can see a tamarind tree. One person gave a cow to vasudeva (Madhwacharya)’s father to feed milk for the baby Vasudeva. But due to the poverty, Vasudeva’s dad could not pay anything to that person. Vasudeva gave few tamarind seeds to that person and when he saw it, it was turned out to be of gold. This is believed that the same tree which is next to Vasudeva theertha.

Next we can see a Nagabana towards eastern side of the vasudeva theertha. Vasudeva planted Ashwatta tree with upside down and the plant has grown to a big tree in the due course. The same tree was alive till few years ago. Now the Nagabana is being renovated. Coming further we can see two big stones. It is believed that, child Vasudeva kept them on the vessels of milk and curd. Even these stones are being worshiped with utmost devotion as these are being touched by Sri Madhwacharya in his childhood.

Another temple present in Pajaka is of Madhwacharya itself. Here we can see footprints of Vasudeva on the stones. There is a story beind these footprints which is quoted in “ Sumadhwa Vijaya” Composed by Sri Narayana Pandithaacharyaru. Once Vasudeva had gone up to the Durga hill. Hearing his mother calling him, he jumped back to his house in one hop and the place where he hopped still bears the mark of his feet. On this very spot Sri Vadhiraja Theertha of Sode matt installed an idol of Sri Madhwacharya.

Let us worship Sri Madhwacharya to get his blessings.

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