416. Madhwacharya – II

I wish to continue to share the mahima of Madhwacharya.

Sri Madhwacharya was camping in Srimushnam, observing the Chathur masa vritha. To squelch the thirst of a pregnant lady, he produced water with his Danda. The Danda Theertha in Srimushnam is a notable holy spot for Madhwas.

According to his  Dwaitha philosophy, the Supreme being is Vishnu or Narayana. This universe is real and is not Mithya or an illusion. The finite beings comprising the universe are subject to a system of gradation, beginning with the Goddess Laxmi, followed by other minor gods, seers, human beings and undivine beings. The rank of any soul in this scheme of gradation depends on the degree of its devotion to God. God is an embodiment of all virtues and excellences and ever remains untouched by any kind of blemish (Dosha). He has countless Roopas and forms.

Every follower of the Madhwacharya should have a firm belief in the Pancha-bheda—five real and eternal distinctions. The distinction between one Jiva and another Jiva (jeeva-jeeva), between the Jiva and matter (jeeva-jata), between one piece of matter and another (jata-jata), between matter and spirit (Jata-Deva), between the Supreme Being and the individual soul (Deva-Jeeva).

The worship of Vishnu consists in Ankana, marking the body with His symbols,  Namakarana, giving the names of the Lord to children and  Bhajana, singing His glories. Sri Madhwacharya laid much stress on constant practice of the remembrance of God Smarana. He says, “Form a strong habit of remembering God. Then only it will be easy for you to remember Him at the moment of death”.

Renunciation, devotion and direct cognition of the Lord through meditation lead to the attainment of salvation. The aspirant should equip himself with the study of the Vedas, control of the senses, dispassion and perfect self-surrender, if he wants to have the vision of the Lord. These are some of the important teachings of Madhwacharya.

I will continue with some more interesting  news about Madhwacharya in my next blog.

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