413. How to deal with oversmart people?

We call a person when acts with knowledge and politeness.  To be the center of attraction, some people act to be too smart. We can call them as oversmart.  They are always impatient to show their elegance and make themselves highlighted amongst others. They always take credits for the work that they have not done.

The oversmart  people try to do less work and get more result by showing over smartness. If we try to  avoid them, they will think that we are not competing with them.  If we still think this person is hard to bear,  we should try to minimize the contact with them and avoid as much as possible.

If we get an opportunity to work with them, we have to complete our task with them and let them do whatever they want to do.  We should not argue with them even if they do anything wrong. We should keep ourselves  tranquil and composed. If such people have some knowledge we have to recognize it first. Then, we have to publicly recognize and utilize his/her knowledge by assigning challenging assignments in his/her areas of proficiency, and therefore check how he/she applies and contributes his/her knowledge.

We should understand that intellect is not measured by our IQ alone but its also calculated by our capability to rheostat the sentiments that can avert us from being intelligent. Even if we identify the right things to do,  we will still be doing the wrong thing if we do not succeed to switch your emotions. When we don’t display how our mind works, the over smart person will get astonished by our movements and forget preparing themselves. They may even forget to act over smartly.

We have to   keep backup plan if we involve this kind of person or give them some responsibilities. So, in worst condition, we will have plan B,  if Plan A is not successfully implemented by this kind of people.  We should expressively show that  we view everyone as equal &  not as a superior or inferior.

So, we can also behave smartly while dealing with oversmart people and safe guard us wisely.

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