409. Is it necessary to look young than our age?

There is no harm in showing our actual age to the society. We need not conceal our age by doing extra make-up. We should present ourselves gently so that we get respect for our age. Those who are naturally healthy,  look brisker, have more spark and vitality.  When we look our best, it tends to boost our confidence, which in turn, leads to better performance.

Some people wear the clothes that are not at all suitable,  to show that they are still young.  Some others overdo their make-up, which we cannot even see.  We should wear the clothes which suit us and present ourselves with dignity.

Some actors and actresses always pretend to be in “Sweet sixteen” age. They spoil their health by not eating the healthy food.  They  undergo many operations to become slim.  They take medicines so that they won’t feel hungry.  These things are against nature  and  their life comes to an end suddenly. The young generation people who are following these actors  and actresses should keep away from the things mentioned above.

What we put inside our body reflects on the outside. A good appearance starts with good health and taking care of our body’s needs. We have to eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates in our diet. We can opt pulses, vegetables, whole grains and fruits. We can avoid prepackaged foods. We have to drink lot of water everyday.

As we age, we naturally lose a certain percentage of muscle mass. Stretching and doing exercises that promote flexibility are also essential for our health. They improve the look of the body, making us appear longer and leaner. They also help us to maintain balance and improve posture, both of which contribute to a more healthy appearance.

So it is not at all necessary to look young than our age. It is enough if we are healthy and look with decent personality according to our age.




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