408. Shri Vyasaraja


Sri Vysaraja  is believed to be an avatar of Prahlada.  He was one of the main pillars of Madhwa Sidhantha.  He was the prince of the dialecticians  of  Dvaitha.  He carried forward the distinguished work of his predecessors Sri Madhwacharya and Sri Jayatheertha. The logical skill and depth of acute dislectical thinking shown by Sri Vyasaraja  stands almost unrivaled.   His three great works – the Nyayamrutha, Chandrika and Tarka Thandava are remembered by all scholars.

There were a elderly couple  Ramacharya and Lakshmidevi who was living in Bannur village and they were praying to God to give them the blessings for a child. For several years they did not had child and they were also becoming old. However they did not lost their faith and they kept praying to God.

The couple met a saint named  Brahmanya Theerthar and asked him to bless them.  The saint told that they will have a child and they have to give the  child to him.  After some years they had a boy baby and named him as Yathiraja.  After his upanayanam, he was handed over to Brahmanya Theerthar.  Yathiraja learnt all the slokas, vyakarna, kavya and nataka. Then, he  was sent  to Sri Padarayar Gurukula and he learnt all the skills.   During gurukula days, Lord Krishna danced to his song in the puja room.

The saint  Brahmanya Theerthar was impressed by the wide range of the boy’s intellect, his great eloquence, his graceful form and his commanding personality. He gave him Sanyasahram with the name Sri Vyasa Thirtha. One day while he was doing Moola Rama pooja, his enemies tried to poison him.  But, the poison did not produce any effect on his body.

He was sent to the court of Saluva Narasimha of Chandragiri. He performed pooja for Lord Srinivasa at Tirumala hills,for 12 years. Later he went to the court of Vijayanagar.  Sri Krishnadevaraya was the king who looked upon him as his kulaguru and was always ready to carry out his wishes. Due to previous sins that the king made, he had a severe Dosha and this dosha will affect King on a certain amavasya day when he is sitting on the throne. In order to save the King,  Vyasa Rajar became the king for one day and he destroyed the dosha & saved the King.
He strengthened and adorned the Madwa school of thought and brought it in to the highest pinnacle of temporal recognition.  Sri Vyasaraja consecrated 732 idols of Hanuman throughout our bharatha desha. Vyasa Rajar went into brindavan near Nava brindavana which is being visited by several devotees.


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