394. Masi Magam


masi magam     Masi magam is an auspicious day which comes in the month of Masi(Tamil month).  Magam is one among the 27 stars in the Hindu astrological system.  On Masi Magam day, temples idols are taken to sea shore, pond or lake for ceremonial bath in a procession. The devotees who flock the procession take dips in water body to get rid of their sins.

A holy dip in the designated sacred waters on this day is considered highly beneficial in many regards. The individuals win the blessings of Magha star, which is the symbol of consciousness, power and magnanimity. Since Magha star is the one related to Pitrus or ancestors, a holy dip on this day can win their blessings and remove pitru dosh. This day is ideal to perform the remedies for the afflicted Rahu, Ketu and Kalsarp dosh.

As per  a legend Lord Shiva appeared as a child before King Vallala of Tiruvannamalai who was an ardent devotee. The king was childless. Lord Shiva promised to perform his last rituals. He died on Masi Magam day and as promised Lord Shiva performed his last rites. Lord Shiva blessed the king that whoever bathes in the sea during Masi Magam will get ‘salvation.’ It is believed that every year Lord visits the sea to perform the last rites of the King Vallala.

The day is of great significance in Pondicherry, Kumbakonam, Srirangam and in numerous other shrines associated with Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Shakti in South India and in those regions around the world which has Tamil speaking population.

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