390. Awaken your strongest Self

You can reduce or resolve the problems of stress, fear, inner conflict,  feeling confused, self-criticism, self-blame, struggle and loneliness by awakening your strongest self.

If  you are a sportsperson, you can use sports to have a row-risk, fun and quick way to practice expanding your sense of self beyond your conscious mind and will power.  If you know yoga, it can be used to practice meditation to achieve mindfulness.  When you expand your identity beyond the isolated, lesser parts of your personality and ego, you integrate your conscious and sub-conscious resources, making it easier to face life’s challenges from a centre of  inner peace and support.

It is essential to create an own protective atmosphere all around you, at the time of stress. You have to choose actions that are congruent  with your high values. You should learn to live in the present moment instead of  regretting about the past or anticipation of the future. You should focus on what can be done rather than feeling about loss and misfortune.

It is normal to experience a rush of energy at the start of any large project or challenging event or  when we create images of multiple tasks  in multiple time frames. It is also normal  to be overwhelmed by  conflicting emotions, such as attraction  and fear of getting hurt. Feeling overwhelmed puts us into a frozen  stage.  By awakening our strongest self, we can attain normal stage.

By focusing  on a stronger life passion, you can reap the benefits of it even when the more cautious parts of you aren’t convinced that it will work. Self-doubt is your ego’s default position. Push it aside and choose to show up and follow the steps that focus you on moving forward with your new and stronger life passion.

It is dangerous to remain undecided for a long time. You have to feel the pain of staying at the same stage.  Goal setting, motivation, curiosity for new knowledge and a desire for self-mastery are the steps to be taken at this stage. You should believe that your brain is designed to be an effective dreamer and a creative problem-solver.  True confidence is not about winning or losing but is about knowing that regardless of what happens, you will be at peace with yourself.  “Awaken your strongest self” is the best thing you can do for your life, for your family, your career and yourself.  All the best.

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