374. Yogasana 8 – parsvottanasana


It is essential that we should keep the stomach and bowels empty before doing this asana. This pose requires strength, stability and patience. When done properly, the benefits of Parsvottanasana come from lengthening the spine and strengthening the legs while stimulating digestive organs and calming the mind.

First we should stand erect , keeping the hands on the backside of the hips. We have to move the left leg back, about 3 feet. Our left foot  should point forward, but is angled slightly outward.  Then, with both feet flat, we have to  hug our legs toward one another, as if we were squeezing a block between your inner thighs, inhale and actively lengthen our spine. Next we have to exhale and begin to hinge at the hips, extending our torso long over our front leg.

We have to stop when our torso becomes parallel with the floor. Then we should lift our torso up until we can feel the lumbar spine dipping into our back.  Next, we have to press both feet, drawing our right hip back so that the leg lengthens. With your spine extended, release both hands to the floor (or blocks) on either side of your right foot.  Again we have to press all ten fingertips down and both thighbones back as we lengthen the front of our torso, taking your heart forward. Next, we have to  press both feet down firmly, put a slight bend in our front knee and bring our hands to our hips. Then we can inhale and rise to stand with a flat back. Finally, we can step our left foot forward and right foot back to repeat on the second side.

It is easy when we do  parsvottanasana step by step.


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