373. Detox our body in a natural way


Detox is a process in which we make lifestyle changes to clear toxins from our body. We achieve this by resting the organs through fasting and stimulate the liver to drive toxins from the body.  Detox methods teach us to give rest to the organs, do cleaning of inner organs and nourishing the body.

The impurities from the blood get accumulated in the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin.  The process of sending out the toxins is called detox. If the toxins are not eliminated from the body, we get symptoms of fatigue, irritated skin, allergy, infection, puffy eyes, bloating, menstrual problems and mental sluggishness.

Let us see how to do detoxing. Stop taking alcohol, paan, cigarette, maida, refined sugar, sweets, white salt and saturated fats. The chemical based soaps, shampoos, cleaners and deodorants   should also be avoided. The physical and mental stress should also be removed.  We can take lot of vegetables, fruits and nuts.  The liquid items such as water, juice, green tea and buttermilk should be taken many times a day thereby reducing solid food.  Yoga and simple exercises stimulate the detox process. Skin brushing and oil massage help to remove toxins in the skin.

To keep the mind and body fresh let us do detoxing.

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