369. Job insecurity

Some people are comfortably settled in Government jobs as there is no question of job insecurity. Moreover, the pension after retirement give them additional strength. Some more people are even comfortable with private jobs where they got good salary and lumpsum amount at the time of retirement.

In the present day, all the youngsters dream about getting a job in IT field.   As a result of globalization, outsourcing, contracting, downsizing, recession and even natural disaster, “job security” can seem like a thing of the past. The job insecurity problem in IT field is very common.

We have to learn to lead the life happily, keeping the stress away.  While earning we should make our life more secure by saving money regularly, for future. It may be thrilling to go to mall, to see movies, to buy whatever see and to attend parties. We should write the account of money spent every month and make a review at the end of the month. We will come to know how much money is wasted by us every month by our lavish spending habit.

We should predict what expenses we may have to make in future, to run the family. Also, we should make a way to get a regular income after retirement. The present day savings only can save us from any future worries.  The job losers immediately get mental depression. It is important to note that jobs not only provide income, they also help workers connect to the society around them.

We need not worry about job insecurity. From today, let us plan to save a portion of our earning, by cutting unwanted expenses we make.  We should keep an alternate plan to lead the life even if loose job any time. We should set up our mind bravely to face any worst situation.

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