364. Why girls demand dowry?

Many Indian boys demanded dowry from the girl’s family saying that it is a family custom. Moreover, the boy’s parents have spent money for bringing up the boy to a high position. Nowadays, we see many young Indian girls are pretty, educated,  smart and working. They have the capacity to nurture even a big family. Now, the girl and her parents started to oppose the dowry system and we are happy to note that the boy and his parents feel ashamed to ask for dowry.  So, we felt that we are going to put a fullstop to dowry system.

Suddenly, there is a shocking news we heard. Some girls demand dowry from her parents  at the time of marriage in the form of money,  jewels, house property, household articles and bank deposit. Why they think like this? Many girls feel insecured and they think that they will get due respect from in-laws only if  they bring wealth from parents. Moreover, they are not sure whether they can lead a smooth life with the boy throughout their life. If anything bad happens in future, the wealth will help them to lead a safe life.

The girls say that they were not given equal treatment in their own family. The boys in the family are given good education, food and other facilities but these are refused by parents for the girls. The parents say that they cannot spend much for the girl, as they have to spend lot of money for her marriage.

Are the boys and his parents are not trustworthy persons?  There are some families who treat the girl as Goddess Lakshmi and her entry into the family alone is enough.  If every family start to think like this, then the question of dowry will vanish from the minds of boy, his parents, girl and her parents. Let us try to create this feeling among us.

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