336. Why India struggles to win medals in Olympics?

Every four years every Indian dreams that his/her country should  win atleast some medals in Olympics. But, with much difficulty some sportspersons come forward to save the pride of India.  At that time the State Government and the Central Government announces some prize money for winning medals in Olympics. Is it enough?

What is the reason for this struggle?  Many sportspersons come from economically weaker section. Many people give up sports for lack of money/sponsorship for training and participating in events. The common reasons we hear are poor stamina, poor diet, poor infrastructures and poor physique. Can we overcome all these and prepare ourselves to give a tough fight to our opponents in next olympics. Our sportspersons are rarely upto the mark compared to our opponents who come well prepared. They seem to be more confident, more fit mentally and physically.

Our intention is not to find fault with our people. it is proved that  Indians are more intelligent than others. We have to find a proper solution to this problem, using our brain. First, expert committee consisting of experts in each and every type of sport/event of olympics, state level as well as nation level  has to be formed. The state level experts team has to visit all districts in the state and conduct sport events in all types of games for school/college students. They have to select talented people in an unbiased manner. All the selected sportspersons are to be given training facilities and dedicated coaches, free of cost. The expert committee should test their talents every month and polish & improve the talents in a good way. The studies by private coaching has to be arranged for these persons,   at free of cost. In addition, the family of these children should get some financial support throughout the year.The expenditure for participating in sports event has to be borne by the Government.

Those who are talented and crossed the age of a student should be given full time training  free of cost. The selection for this group has also to be done first at state level and then at centre level. As the earning member of the family has come out for training, The State as well as Central Government should give sufficient amount to the family every month. For them also, all expenditure related to participation in sports events at national and international level, has to be borne by the Government.

If our sportspersons are given proper attention,  our country will get more medals in next olympics.

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