335. Youngest headmaster in the world

babar ali

Babar Ali is living in Bhabta village at Belganda in Murshidabad, West Bengal. He started teaching  his sister after returning from school at the age of nine. Gradually the villagers started to join learning from him. Now, it has become an outdoor school with about 800 students. Some more students like Babar Ali act as teachers in evening hours. The tuition fee is free for the children as they all come from economically backward families.

Since there is no Government or private school nearby, all the village families show interest in sending their children to this school. In 2009, Babar Ali was awarded  “Real Heroes Award” by CNN-IBN. Now Babar Ali is 23 years old and recognized as the youngest headmaster in the world.

Now Babar Ali is studying in college. Many people started to support him morally and financially. He is the first member of the family to get education. His aim is to educate all the children in the village. See the fire in the heart of an average boy from a small village. He ignored all criticism, as many people want to make their children as an earning member instead of  a student. Many students do  part time jobs and help their family. The West Bengal Government has recognized this school.

Since all the teachers and the headmaster are young, the school children easily move with them. They listen to their words and show interest in studies.

Let us salute him for dreaming and making his dreams come true.

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