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318. Movie “Bangalore Naatkal”

Nowadays, we require a lot of patience to sit and watch a movie. In most of the movies, there is no difference between a hero and a  villian. So, I preferred to see a family melodrama.  Few days back I saw the tamil movie “Bangalore Naatkal“. The original version is malayalam. Some films make us to sit and enjoy without getting bored. This film is of that type.

It talks about the dreams of 3 cousins. They share friendly relationship from the childhood. When they grow up, even though they travel in different tracks, join in Bangalore, their dream city. The love and affection between them  continue even in turbulent times. Their attitude in facing and solving the problems entertain us. They help other to come out of the problem.

The story has been narrated in a simple way. The incidents we see make us to remember our relationship with cousins in real life. We can predict what will come next but the treatment of the story keeps us to enjoy.

Everybody has got many things to share with others. But, since the cousins belong to same family & age group, it is easy for them to share good and bad things without ego. The family bonds are shown in comic vein and each & every small character in this film is important for the story.

I hope you will also enjoy the film with hearty smile.


317.Murungai Keerai Sirudhaniya Adai

murungai adai

Ingredients required :

Murungai keerai –  1 cup

Idly rice  –  200 gm

Kudiraivali rice – 100 gm

Varagu rice – 100 gm

Thinai rice – 100 gm

Samai rice – 100 gm

Tur dal – 25 gm

Channa dal – 50 gm

Pasi payaru – 25 gm

Urud dal – 25 gm

Red chilly – 5

Green chilly – 2

Salt – 1 tsp

Hing – 1/2 tsp

Jeera – 1/2 tsp

Curry leaves – 1 bunch

Coriander leaves – 1 bunch

Coconut – 100 gm

Big onion – 2

Small onion – 10

Cooking oil – 50 ml

Method of preparation :

Soak all types of rice, dal and millets for 2 hours in water. Wash well and grind coarsely with red and green chillies & jeera. Wash murungai keerai and cut into small pieces. Add murungai keerai, chopped big onion, small onion, salt, hing, cocunut,  curry & corriander leaves.  Leave it for 2 hours. Heat a tawa  and apply cooking oil. Pour a ladlefull of batter on the tawa and put oil. Cook well on both sides until it becomes golden brown. The tasty and healthy murungai keerai millet adai is ready.

315. Bike race by youngsters in India

The current Indian youngsters are irresistible about the bikes. Everywhere there are some boys who take part in illegal bike racing. A bike rider should know about the safety of pedestrians and other riders, road condition and road rules.

We know very well that all roads are not vehicle-friendly. Everywhere we see and hear the news of accidents caused due to over speed by youngsters. More young people aged between 15-29 die of road crashes. Driving a bike at high speed is one of the triumphant moment in a youngster’s life.

In many places illegal bike race is conducted. They choose weekends and the bike riders indulge in various styles, including wheeling, race and zig zag riding. They often place bets on the outcomes of the races with stakes including cash amounts and bikes.

Some people go for bike race in peak hours. The police is taking all efforts to catch  these people. The parents are also advised to take care of the boys. Now the craze for 100 CC bikes is gone as 150 CC and 200 CC bikes started entering  the market.

It is an astonishing fact that the parents are ready to give lakhs of  money  for buying bike. Many people do not know to drive international bikes. Some youngsters don’t get money to buy costly bikes. They buy local bikes and remove air filter to get high pick up, creating much noise. Then, they get the thrill to drive. Some bikes have fuel injector instead of carburetor.  Because of this, the bike will run at high speed as soon as started. Some youths use octane 93 petrol for their bikes to get high speed, even though it is costly than the normal petrol. But, this is very dangerous.

The parents and youngsters should get educated about the dangers involved in riding the bike at high speed and participating in illegal races. The parents should think well before giving lakhs of money for buying bikes for their teenage children. Be safe.

314. Good Guest

Everybody will have a necessity to go to somebody’s house as guest.  Our attitude and behavior will make us  earn good name. Let us see how to achieve it?

First we have to inform the host about our arrival. We should also check whether they are available at the station and free. We should not stand alone after reaching there. We should mingle with all in that family.  We should know our limitations and should not interfere in their family matters. We should not expect much comfort in our stay. We have to adjust with what we get there.

Our behavior should be polite and pleasing. We have to adapt to the situation. We cannot expect special treatment. We should be flexible and should not irritate the hosts in any way. Our kids may be naughty but we should not allow them to create a chaos there. We should adjust to the food habits of the hosts and punctual at the right time on dining table.

We should keep our guest area neat and clean. We have to help the hosts in the house  chore. When we going there for sight seeing, we have to call the hosts to accompany. We should be liberal to make expenses for them also.  When we go out alone, we have to return home in time. If we are taking food outside, we have to inform them well before time. At home, we should leave the hosts alone to attend their personal works. We should not bring guests without the permission of the host.

We should not criticize or compare our hosts. We have to thank them before leaving and we should not forget to invite them to our place. So, it is easy to be a good guest.

313. Yogasana – 5 (Salabasana)


Just imagine a grasshopper pose. That is called Salabasana. Nowadays even many youngsters suffer due to back pain. This asana is helpful to get relief from back pain. It is suitable for people of all ages.

Let us see how to do Salabasana. You must keep your stomach empty before doing Salabasana. You have to lie on the ground on your abdomen  and place the chin on the floor. You have to place your toes on the floor and make your knees to touch the floor. Then place the hands below the hips on the ground by keeping the palms open and touching the ground.  While inhaling air, you have to raise your legs, head, upper body and thighs.  You have to raise the hands above the head.  Using your inner thighs, you have to lift your legs upwards without bending your knees. The entire weight of the body should rest on your abdomen and lower ribs.  You have to hold the position for a minute and release the body and exhale air.

The internal organs are stimulated by  doing this asana. The acid balance is regulated. It gives strength to legs, abdomen, shoulders, thighs and muscles. By doing this asana regularly, you get a slim figure. It helps in relieving you of stress and calms your mind, body  and soul. So, please try.

311. Muhammad Ali

Mohammad Ali

We regard Muhammad Ali as the greatest sporting figure of 20th century.  His outspoken nature on controversial issues brought him many problems. But, this olympic gold medalist never cared about anything. This former American heavy weight champion boxer lives in the hearts of his fans, even after his death.

He used to say,” I know where I am going, I know the truth and I don’t have to be what you want me to be. Suffer now by severe training and live the rest of your life as a champion. He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. You float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Service to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth. A man who views  the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of life”.

His words inspired many people. They tried to walk in his foot steps. After his olympic victory, he was heralded as an American hero. He was a political, social religious activist. Till end, he was the beloved human as the world knew.

Mohammad Ali had an unique personality based on self-belief and strong convictions. In 1999, he was crowned “Sportsman of the Century“, by Sports Illustrated. He won the World Heavy weight championship three times, North American Boxing Federation championship apart from Olympic gold medal.  He received  a special one-off award from the BBC at its annual BBC Sports Personality of the Century award. He was named as the “Kentucky Athlete of the century“. He received Presidential medal of freedom at a white house ceremony.

After retirement, Ali devoted much of his time to philanthropy. He announced that he had Parkinson’s disease in 1984, a degenerative neurological condition, and was involved in raising funds for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Mohammad Ali died on 3rd June 2016, from a respiratory illness, a condition that was complicated by Parkinson’s disease. Nobody can forget this eccentrically genius boxer.


310. Murungai Keerai soup

I hesitate to take the soup which is green in colour. But, many people suggested to try keerai soup as it has got lot of health benefits. So, I tried “Murungai keerai soup” and the taste is really wonderful. I wish to share the recipe with you.

murungaikeerai soup

Ingredients required :

murungai keerai – 1 cup

tomato(big)         – 1

onion(big)           – 1

garlic                    – 4 leaves

ginger                   – 1 inch length piece

kalamirch            – 10

elaichi                   – 2

clove                      – 4

salt                         – 1/2 tsp

jaggery                   – 1/2 tsp

Method of preparation :

Wash and clean murungau keerai. Grind everything along with murungai keerai in a mixie. Put  the content in a vessel and add 4 cups of water. Bring it to a boil and drink when it is warm. I just want to mention few health benefits of drumstick leaves soup. It increases appetite. We get relief from stomach upset problem by taking this soup. It purifies blood and removes toxin. Those who have got joint pain problem can also try this soup. Instead of murungai keerai, we can try other types of keerai also.