306. Come out of comfort zone

Everybody dreams of leading  a comfortable life. He/she feels that if they could make the life of their family members, especially children, without any obstacle/burden/challenge, he/she has succeeded in life. Actually, it is not so.

Many children go to school by car. If the car hasn’t come one day to pick up, they feel nervous. Why cann’t we make them to travel by public bus occasionally. We have to teach them some simple household works, from the beginning. Moreover, we have to train the children to get ready for school by themselves and also take care of homework / preparation for test / school project  etc  individually. We can give suggestions but we should not do their works. We have to talk about our financial condition to the child without hesitation and we have to teach them how to lead a simple life happily.

Next, we think about the women in the family. Whether it is mother or wife, every woman should know to manage household works both indoor and outdoor individually. Normally, women when they got used to live in a comfort zone, hesitate to come out of it.  We should allow them to try new things, whether they fail or succeed. A man feels proud by saying that he does everything for the family and he never allows his wife to go out alone for anything. This attitude is wrong. She should also know to  go out and do some works for the family overcoming hurdles. The women should be allowed to take decisions for the welfare of the family. Women should also take interest in doing some tough work which needs hardwork and challenge. The wife should know fully the things related to finance in the family.

Lastly, I want to talk about men. They should try to work in different routes and cultivate the habit of taking right decision at the right time. They should act with courage while doing risky jobs. Be brave to face failures and adverse comments.  If  they  got fear about anything, they should keep on trying to overcome it.   They should be ready to accept their mistakes. They should not try to put their mistakes on somebodyelse.

Let us be ready to enjoy the unknown things which may happen in our life. The mixture of anticipation and anxiety  clearly bring us from our comfort zone and prepare us for any challenge in life.

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