305. Medical Conference

Few days back, I attended a medical conference conducted  by Mangayar malar magazine and Women’s  center, Coimbatore.

The Mangayar malar magazine has taken real interest in connecting the Women’s center and the coimbatore women. Many women clarified their doubts about each and every topic. It is really a great news that Mangayar malar is going to conduct medical conference in Trichy and Bangalore.

The time spent for attending this conference is really worth. The doctors talked about many important  points about Women’s health. Dr. Miruthubhashini spoke in such a way that the points reached our hearts directly. The information regarding the  latest scientific advancements in the field of medicine and the treatment for the cure of any type of disease was really a great news to hear.

Some common facts they discussed in the meeting are really useful. While going to see a pregnant woman we used to take lot of sweets and norukku items such as murukku. Instead we can take fruits which keeps the pregnant  woman healthy. Also, we can avoid  to see the new born baby  in the hospital as the mother needs rest after undergoing labour pain. She needs time to spend with the baby. The baby should also get accustomed to the new situation and climate. We need not disturb the mother and the child atleast for 10 to 15 days. Yes, we have to follow the doctor’s advice for the sake of women’s health.

Women should show interest in attending such conferences which are conducted for their benefit.


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