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305. Medical Conference

Few days back, I attended a medical conference conducted  by Mangayar malar magazine and Women’s  center, Coimbatore.

The Mangayar malar magazine has taken real interest in connecting the Women’s center and the coimbatore women. Many women clarified their doubts about each and every topic. It is really a great news that Mangayar malar is going to conduct medical conference in Trichy and Bangalore.

The time spent for attending this conference is really worth. The doctors talked about many important  points about Women’s health. Dr. Miruthubhashini spoke in such a way that the points reached our hearts directly. The information regarding the  latest scientific advancements in the field of medicine and the treatment for the cure of any type of disease was really a great news to hear.

Some common facts they discussed in the meeting are really useful. While going to see a pregnant woman we used to take lot of sweets and norukku items such as murukku. Instead we can take fruits which keeps the pregnant  woman healthy. Also, we can avoid  to see the new born baby  in the hospital as the mother needs rest after undergoing labour pain. She needs time to spend with the baby. The baby should also get accustomed to the new situation and climate. We need not disturb the mother and the child atleast for 10 to 15 days. Yes, we have to follow the doctor’s advice for the sake of women’s health.

Women should show interest in attending such conferences which are conducted for their benefit.


303.Healthy or tasty

I have read in a magazine recently that a young mother, while introducing solid food to the child, used to give food of sour and bitter taste also.  She used to give one fruit and one vegetable daily. While giving carrot she  tells  the child, “Oh, your eyes are becoming more bright and your vision is very sharp”. While giving broad beans (avaraikkai), she  tells, “Nobody can fight with you since you have taken  avaraikkai (which gives long life and which is known as enemy of yamadharma)”. While giving  okra(vendaikkai), she used to tell, ” Wow, your have become very smart and intelligent since you eat vendaikkai regularly”. While giving bitter gourd, “All the worms in your stomach will be killed and washed out. You will become more healthy”. While giving beet root, she tells, “See more blood is flowing in your body and you have become  strong”.  Like that for every fruit & vegetable, she  has an usual dialogue and the child captured everything quickly. After some months, the child started to say, “Mom, you forgot to give me bitter gourd for quite a long time and worms may enter my stomach”.

I don’t stand against giving tasty food to children. Tasty food can also be prepared using millets, fruits and vegetables. Adding more sugar and  masala can be avoided. Occassionally,  children may be allowed to taste bakery items, chocolates, biscuits, icecream, noodles, fried items  and fast food, in a very small quantity. While giving these items we should say, “See these are all not good for health. But, when all others take these items, you may get the temptation to eat. So, eat them rarely in small quantities”.

I want to know your opinion regarding this topic.

302. Horsegram Thuvaiyal

kollu chutney.JPG

Those who want to reduce weight can try this healthy and tasty dish. Others can  use this as a side dish.

Ingredients required :

horsegram(kollu) – 50 grams

channa dal – 1 tbs

urud dal – 1 tbs

red chilly – 4

coconut –  1 tbs

salt – 1/2 tsp

cooking oil – 1/4 tsp

Method of preparation :

Dry roast kollu in a kadai and soak it overnight. Next day cook it in a pressure cooker along with the water used for soaking. In a kadai, put cooking oil and roast channa oil, urud dal and red chilly. When it becomes cool, put it in a mixie jar along with coconut, salt and kollu. We can use the kollu water for grinding. When it is more, don’t waste it. We can prepare kollu rasam.

300. Saradha Devi

saradha devi

We all know that Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is the Guru of Swami Vivekanandha. Saradha Devi is the wife of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. She married him when she was six. When she was eighteen years old, she started living with her husband. At that time Shri Ramakrishna had reached the highest state of realisation in which he saw God in all the living beings. He taught Saradha Devi how to lead a spiritual life along with discharging household duties. Saradha Devi accepted that life very happily and started to live as a devoted wife as well as a spiritual disciple of Shri Ramakrishna.

She chose monasticity as the means and end of her life. Because of her sacrifice, the Ramakrishna mission movement was possible. Saradha Devi was worshipped by Shri Ramakrishna as the Divine Mother. The disciples of Shri Ramakrishna was regarded as own children by both of them.

After the death of Shri Ramakrishna, the disciples looked to her for advice and encouragement. The followers of Shri Ramakrishna regared Saradha Devi as Adhi Parasakthi. During the last days Shri Ramakrishna suffered from throat cancer. Saradha Devi nursed him and gave suitable food. After his death, Saradha Devi remained as the spiritual guide for the next 34 years. She supported Swami Vivekanandha in the uplift of women community.

Her purity, selfless service, unconditional love towards mankind, wisdom and spiritual illumination made her an ideal woman. She used to say, “by constant practice of meditation, our mind will become calm. The whole world is ours; so we should not find fault with anybody. We should make a habit of prayer to overcome all difficulties. We are fortunate in getting the human birth. We can achieve anything by our hard work”.

Let us worship and follow Saradha devi to lead a meaningful life.

299. Rajma tofu gravy

rajma - paneer gravy.JPG

Ingredients required :

rajma – 100 gm

tofu – 100 gm

tomato -2(big)

big onion – 1

small onion – 10

garlic – 4 pearls

ginger – 1 inch length

red chilly – 4

green chilly – 2

cooking oil – 1/4 kg

ghee – 1 tsp

elaichi – 4

jeera – 4

cashew – 4

lavangam – 4

mirch – 10

dhania – 1 tsp

salt – 3/4 tsp

corriander leaves – a small bunch

Method of preparation :

Soak rajma overnight and pressure cook it,  until it becomes soft. Cut tofu into small cubes and fry in hot cooking oil. Dry roast dhania, mirch, elaichi, lavangam, red chilly and jeera in a kadai & make it a powder. Grind one tomato, green chilly, small onions, garlic and ginger nicely. In a kadai, heat ghee and fry cashew. Then add chopped big onion, one tomato, the ground powder and mixer. Add tofu and cooked rajma with water. Put salt and allow it to  mix well and cook, for 10 minutes in a slow flame.  Then, switch off the gas and garnish the rajma tofu gravy with coriander leaves. This sidedish goes well with chapathi and puri.

298. Pottuk kadalai urundai

pottuk kadalai urundai

We usually prepare pottuk kadalai urundal using whole fried gram.  I tried this urndai using powdered pottuk kadalai and millets. I tried with thinai. We can use thinai/ragi/varagu/samai or a combination of 2 or 3 millets.

Ingredients required :

pottuk kadalai – 2oo gms

Any millet  – 100 gms

jaggery – 150 gms

elaichi – 5

ghee – 2 tsp

cashew – 8

Method  of preparation :

In a kadai, dry roast pottuk kadalai and millet separately & make it a powder. In the kadai boil 1/4 cup of water and add powdered jaggery. Remove dirt and bring it to one kambip padham. Add ghee, pottuk kadalai & millet powder, elaichi and chopped cashew. Mix well and switch off the gas. Greasing the hands with little ghee   make small balls. The taste is fine and suitable for all ages.