296. Sree Guru Raghavendra Mahimai – IV

Before taking sanyasa, Sri Raghavendra was given the task of preparing the sandalwood paste by mutt assistants. While preparing,  Rayaru chanted “Agni Suktha”. The sandalwood paste was given to everybody and they applied it on their body. Soon everyone could feel the burning sensation. Then Rayaru started to chant “Varuna suktha” to cool the body of all.

While at Tanjore, Rayaru was asked to stay there as the kingdom was affected due to a severe famine. Due to His divine power, the situation improved. The king,  to show his gratitude,  presented Rayaru a necklace. Rayaru put it in  Homa Kunta. The king thought that Rayaru insulted him. Rayaru prayed to Parasurama(the indweller of fire God) and got back the necklace & satisfied the king.

Once a harijan gave mustard seeds to Rayaru and He asked to use them for cooking. A devotee named Srinivasacharya did not want to eat the theertha prasadham with the fear of committing a mistake, if eaten. He asked manthrakshatha from Rayaru before leaving. Rayaru  did so but the manthrakshatha turned black. Srinivasacharya realised his mistake and requested Rayaru to forgive him. Rayaru blessed him and manthrakashatha turned to original colour.

Let us speak about more and more about Sri Raghavendra Mahimai in next blogs.


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