284. Mahamaham


We all know that  Kumbakonam is an ancient, holy  and beautiful city. The masimagam is an annual event which comes during masi month on the maga nakshathra day.  Once in twelve years, when the planet Jupiter enters Leo sign, a grand festival is celebrated at mahamaham tank. Millions of people gather at Kumbakonam to have a dip in the tank.

After the end of each era, the whole world immerses in a deluge on account of the wrath of  Lord Shiva, for the sins committed by the human beings in the earth. Lord Brahma recreated the new world during the beginning of Kali Yuga.  A divine pot reached the holy spot in Kumbakonam and Lord Shiva reached there as a hunter & broke the pot with an arrow. The pot broke into many pieces and scattered around, which became the cause for so many temples in the town. Brahma prayed to Shiva to allow devotees to visit the tank during the sacred occasion. It is believed that all the Gods and celestial bodies visit there during mahamaham.

There is another saying that all the water bodies reach there and enrich the tank with all minerals. The purificatory bath in the tank is believed to remove sins and it is equal to the holy dip in all the rivers of India. The temple cars of major temples in Kumbakonam come around the city on the festival night.

Let us atleast pray to God on mahamaham day if we are not able to visit Kumbakonam.

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