281. Car free day in India


car free dayCar free day is being observed in many countries in the world. World car free day is celebrated on 22nd September. The motorists are encouraged to give up the car for a day. The politicians ask the public to travel by cycle or by public transport on that day.

In Delhi, the public welcomed this movement very much. On 22nd of every month, many people are not using their car and getting accustomed to travel by cycle or bus. The Delhi Transport Corporation has deployed special shuttle service on that day. Even many ministers took part in this movement happily.  Many people liked to walk on that day.

In many big cities of India, people are interested in taking part in the movement. In Coimbatore, for many weeks car free streets are seen in many places from 7 A.M. to 10 A.M.  Many people enjoyed by doing cycling, jogging, walking,  yoga,  zumba, dancing  and much more.

The air pollution on that day is considerably reduced.  This is a humble beginning towards getting people to use public transport. The volunteers have come forward to promote the campaign. The social media is also taking part to make the movement a success.  Enjoy car free day.

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