280.Pasanga 2 – Tamil movie

Few days back I saw the tamil movie Pasanga 2. It didn’t impress me much. The main theme is about the disease – ADHD ie Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The theme is very good but the presentation is not at all OK. The story wanders here and there for a long time and finally gets the point. The way of story telling in the movie “Taare Zameen Par” makes us get involved in the story from the beginning to end. But, in Pasanga 2, the way of approach is very much boring.  Sometimes the film looks like a documentary film.

The emotional scenes touch the line of melodrama. The behavior of the children in the school is shown as if there is no mistake on their part. What will the teacher and principal do when the children spoil the atmosphere each and every moment?. In the hostel also, they frighten all the other children and create fear & anxiety among warden and other parents.  Finally, they humiliate the apartment secretary and  many others in the apartment. These scenes will create a negative impact among children and parents.

Of course, the performance of Surya and Amala Paul is very good but they are coming into the story in the last hour only.  Then only the actual story starts. The film would have been interesting if Surya and Amala Paul are shown from the beginning and also, their story could have been told in an elaborate way.

The points which I liked in this movie are the story of Surya & Amala Paul, their attitude towards the children affected by ADHD, the education system followed in the school in which Amala Paul works and finally, the climax. The children and parents should not bother about the prize in reality shows is a great message we get. The wonderful theme gets just pass mark because of the method of story telling.

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