274. Dress code in hindu temples

The Madras high court bench has prescribed a dress code for men, women and chidren for those who visit temples maintained by HR & CE across the Tamil Nadu state. As per the order, from January 1st 2016, men should wear a dhothi or pyjama with upper cloth or formal pant & shirt. The women should wear a sari or a half sari or a churidhar with upper cloth. The children should wear any fully covered dress. Until a policy  decision is taken by the State  Government, this order should be followed as an interim measure.

It is really a welcoming change.  The main objective of this order is to restrict some of them wearing improper clothings. People are visiting the temples to do prayer in a peaceful way. The dedication and concentration will not be disturbed if the dress code is followed by all the visitors.

The care taken by the Government should be  appreciated as the decency in public place has to be observed by all the people. In the name of freedom, the dress we wear should not irritate others or make them  loathing.

So, happily follow dress code and  visit Hindu temples & have the darshan of God.


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