271. Welcome New Year 2016

Welcome New Year 2016. I wish you all, who read this blog, a year of non-stop happiness, good health, great success in all the works you do, good luck and a new life filled with joy, fun & peace.



Let us start the year by setting goals. In the New year, let us try new things, learn something and try to think about others. Let us start every day as the best day. Let us dream about good things in life and wish our dreams come true.

We should keep ourselves happy and try to spread happiness to others. Let us pray that each step we take, is guided by the blessings of God. We have to spend some time daily to remember and worship the God.

Everyone has to cross the sorrows and miseries with courage. We should be confident to make each obstacle as opportunity. Genuine success will come to us only when we are ready to accept challenges.

Please recollect all the sweet memories of the past years and pray to God to help us to get much more in future. Let us thank God for forgiving our mistakes.

I wish you all once again a great, prosperous, bright, delightful, healthy, energetic, positive and happy new year 2016.

One thought on “271. Welcome New Year 2016

  1. Lovely writeup ma! Very nice Rangoli too 🙂 You’ve always been such an inspiration to us. We’ll try to follow the points mentioned by spreading joy and happiness to the people around us. Hoping 2016 to be a successful year!
    Also, looking forward to many such posts this year 🙂


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