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270. Roller coaster travel of the year 2015

We are at the last moment of finishing the   roller coaster travel of the year 2015. I just want to recollect some good and bad incidents which affected us during the year.

First, I will tell the six good things.

  1. Saina Nehwal has been ranked as No.1 by the world Badminton World Federation Women’s singles.
  2. Sania Mirza attained the No.1 ranking and was seeded No.1 at the French Open tennis with Martina Hingis.
  3. The first International Yoga day was celebrated on 21st June.
  4. The care, help, support and encouragement shown by youngsters, during the Chennai floods, totally changed the image of netizens and the common people now look them with respect.
  5. The Digital India programme was launched.
  6. The Mangalyaan launched on 24-09-2014 is busy in collecting scientific data and India is tasting success in its maiden Mars mission.

Next, let me share some bad things happened which should not be repeated again.

  1. The poverty, hunger and homelessness have increased in India.
  2. The heart diseases, diabetes, cancers and chronic respiratory diseases are very common in India, even among youngsters.
  3. The dust, mosquitoes, flies, dust, noise, tout, cheats and chaotic roads prevail in many parts of the country & there is no improvement.
  4. The Chennai floods have claimed the lives of many people and many others lost all their belongings. It will take some more years to bring back new liveliness in Chennai.
  5. The security threats have increased in India than ever before.
  6. While delivering a lecture at the Indian Institute of Management Shillong, Dr. A.P.J. Kalam, former president of India, collapsed and died from an apparent cardiac arrest on 27 July 2015.

268. Vaikunda Ekadasi

vaikunda ekadasi

The margashirsha shukla paksha ekadasi is known as “Vaikunda Ekadasi”. It is believed that venerating Lord Vishnu on Vaikunda Ekadasi day  will help to free soul from cycles of rebirth and grant moksha.

The doors of Vaikundam(Sorga vasal) will open on this day. That is why in all Perumal temples, the sorga vasal door is kept open for the whole day and devotees are allowed to pass through it.

Special poojas, yagnas and prayers are offered to Lord Vishnu by devotees on this day. All the vaishnavites will have the darshan of Lord Vishnu on this day.

Fasting on ekadasi day, especially  on vaikunda ekadasi day is considered as holy.   We can observe full or partial upavasam(avoiding rice food) on this day. Chanting perumal nama is most important. Some people spend the whole night by singing prayers on Lord Vishnu or listening stories on Him. They won’t sleep throughout the night.

A legend says that to save devas from the demon “muran”, the female power emerged from Lord Vishna named Ekadasi,  burned muran to ashes. Lord Vishnu pleased by the act of Ekadasi asked her to get a boon from Him. As per her wish, Lord Vishnu told that those who observe fasting and remember Ekadasi on that day will be relieved of all the sins and attain vaikundam.

Let us observe vaikunda ekadasi to get the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

267. Yogasana – 4(Surya Namaskara)

Our ancestors know very well how to pay respect and express gratitude to Lord Surya Narayana, by doing Surya Namaskara. The solar plexus chakra in our body is said to be connected with the sun. It represents our identity. It is where our self-esteem, inner power and sense of responsibility originates.

We have to do Surya namaskara at the time of sunrise. There are 12 steps in it viz., Pranamasana, Hastauttanasana, Hasta Padasana, Ashwa Sanchalanasana, Dandasana, Ashtanga namaskara, Bhujangasana, Parvatasana, Ashwa Sanchalanasana, Hasta padasana, Hastauttanasana and Tadasana.

By doing Surya Namaskara,  our creativity and intuitive abilities grow day by day. The functioning of all the parts in our body  improves a lot. To maintain good health and remain disease-free, doing Surya Namaskara is essential.  For the proper functioning of cardiovascular system, we have to do it regularly. For those who got constipation problem, Surya  Namaskara helps as a tool to reduce the problem. It gives a new vivacity to all the glands in our body. It helps to eradicate toxic impurities in our body. The Sun will reward the performer with superb health, strength, vibrant energy, active efficiency and longevity. So, start doing Surya Namaskara to lead a better life.


265. Bhagavat Gita

Bhagavat Gita is considered as the holy book of Hindus.  All the essential things required for leading a meaningful life is given in it. Let us see some of the important points.

We should do our work sincerely without bothering about the result.

Even after death, the soul exists. We need not pay much attention to the outer body. We should care about the satisfaction of the inner soul.

Everyone has to leave the world and nobody is immortal.

Whatever happened so far is good, what is happening now is good and what will happen in the future is also good.

All the things in this world change with time. We have to go ahead accepting all changes.

While taking birth, we didn’t bring anything to this world and while dying also, we cannot carry anything with us. Whatever we use is taken from this world only. The things possessed by us now were possessed by somebody else in the past and will be possessed by somebody else in the future.

All our acts are to be dedicated to the supreme God. God is everywhere and we all are only puppets in His hands.

We are only spectators in this world. We should not tie ourselves with the chain of desires.

Meditation is most important to attain inner peace.

I have mentioned some points only from Bhagavat Gita.  It is an ocean and we have to read some slokas/chapters whenever we find time(we should make time).  Enjoy!



264. El-Nino effect

Normally, northeast monsoon brings heavy rain in the southern coastal region in Tamil Nadu, during November and December every year. But, in the year 2015, Tamil Nadu state was badly affected by  torrential rain. The extremely heavy spells of rain is due to the El-Nino effect.

In 2015, the temperature of East pacific ocean got warm up highly and the Indian ocean & Bay of Bengal  have cold temperature. Cyclone is caused when the Sea Surface Temperature(SST) is warm. Normally cyclones forming in Central Bay of Bengal due to warm weather, will move in northwest direction towards Andra Pradesh & Orissa coast. But, this year Central bay of Bengal remained cool.

But, weather in South Bay of Bengal became warm causing heavy rain in Tamil Nadu coastal regions.  The concept of storm-water drains was abandoned in Chennai due to development activities.  So, the city has got no space for the water to flow out. We should learn a lesson to do the right thing to protect us from natural calamities.




262. Vendayak kozambu

When we want a change from the usual kozambu varieties and when there are no vegetables available for cooking, we can prepare this hot and spicy vendayak kozambu.

Ingredients needed :

fenugreek seeds   – 1 tbs

ginger                     – 1 inch bit

small onion           –  10

garlic                       –  4

dhania                     –   1/2 tsp

red  chilly               –   4

jaggery                    –   1/2 tsp

salt                           – 1/2 tsp

curry   leaves          – a small bunch

thick tamarind water      – 2 tbs

Gingerly oil            – 1 tsp

mustard seeds       – 1/2 tsp

asafoetida               –  a small pinch

turmeric powder   – 1/2 tsp

Method of preparation : 

Dry fry   fenugreek seeds and dhania & grind it. Grind 5 onion, garlic, ginger, red chilly with water.   In a kadai, put oil and when got heated put mustard seeds. When it splutters,  put asafoetida and onion. Add tamarind water, ground mixture and powder. Put salt, turmeric powder, jaggery  and curry leaves. Bring it to a boil and switch off gas.  Vendayak kozambu is ready. It is very very healthy also.









261. Shri Raghavendra Sthothra


I hope you all know that Appanacharya was caught in the flood of  Thungabadra river when he came to have the last darshan of Rayaru. He started singing Shri Raghavendra Sthothra and the  Thungabadra river gave way to  him to cross and reach manchali. By  the time Appanacharya reached manthralaya, the last stone was placed at the Brindhavana. Rayaru sitting inside the brindhavana listened to the Guru sthothra fully, completed the sthothra by saying, “Sakshi hayaasthothrahi“. Rayaru was chanting  the Hayagreeva manthra at that time. He said that Hayagreeva roopa Hari is the witness of guru stothra  recited by Appanacharya.

We have to listen or sing or recite this sthothra as much times as we can.  If we do this with “bakthi bava”, we will get peace of mind. Rayaru will bless us with whatever we want.