257. Household remedy for cold and cough

When rainy reason approaches, we should be get prepared to fight against cold and cough. Every time we need not run to a doctor to get treatment. There is a saying,”If we take treatment for cold and cough from a doctor, we will get relief within 7 days and if we didn’t take any treatment, the cold & cough will go within a week”.

If we get cold and cough, we should take warm liquids like water, juice or congee to avoid dehydration.  Normally I used to boil water with green tea, jeera, ginger powder, omam, kasakasa, thulasi, vetrilai,  dhania and barley daily. I filter the water when it becomes cool and drink 6 cups.

Putting vicks in hot water and inhaling the steam through nose will also help respiratory organs to breathe freely.  Taking warm milk with turmeric powder and  kalamirch powder at night will help us to get a clear throat.

Taking lemon juice with honey with hot water will also give relief from cold and cough. Putting pudhina leaves in bathing water will give freshness to the body. Gargling with salt water will help to clear sputum.

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