251. Vinayaka Chadurthi

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The third day of Bhadrapada month is celebrated as Gowri habba and the next day as Vinayaka Chadurthi.

An interesting story about the birth of Vinayaka exists. One day, Parvathi before taking bath, made an idol of clay as Ganesha and kept at the entrance of the house in Kailasha. She instructed  Ganesha not to allow anybody, while taking bath inside.  Lord Shiva entered after sometime and Ganesha prevented Him from entering. Shiva got angry and cut off the head of Ganesha. Parvathi cried and Shiva ordered his disciples to bring the head of any creature sleeping with his head facing north. The disciples searched and found out an elephant, satisfying the condition of Shiva. They brought its head and Shiva placed it on the body of Ganesha. That is why, Vinayaka is having elephant head and human body. We celebrate Gowri and Vinayaka on adjacent days. In Karnataka side, the married women are invited for feast by her parents.

On Gowri habba day, we have to make gowri out of turmeric powder and keep it on a betel leaf & worship. We have to give Moradhu Bayana also.

On Vinayaka chadurthi day, we have to bring the clay idol of Vinayaka with reverence and do pooja with arisana, kunkuma, chandana, atchadai, flowers & aarathi at the entrance. We have to keep the photo of Vinayaka and spread rice on a banana leaf. Then, we have to place the idol of Vinayaka on it and do Aavahana, Prathishtapana, Aasana samarpana, Padya samarpana, Arghya samarpana, Achamana, Snana, Panchamirtha snana, Dugdha(milk)  snana, Madhuparka snana, Shudhodaka snana, Vasthra samarpana, Uthariya samarpana, Yajnopavita samarpana, Gandha, Akshada, Kunkuma, Arisana, Pushpamala, Erukka mala, 21 flowers archana, 21 patra archana, Durva(Arugampul) archana, Dhoopa, Dheepa,  Neivedhya( Modaka must), Thamboola, Dhakshina, Neerajana and Aarathi. After praying for 3 days in the morning and evening, we have to  do Visarjana.

we should not buy chemical based vinayaka idols as it is harmful for environment and mud idol is the best.

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