245. Enjoy nature

God has gifted us many wonderful things through nature.  The earth we live is such a beautiful place that we can enjoy many cute small things. We should not get locked in the house throughout the day. Daily we have to come out for sometime and watch hot sun,cool moon, twinkling stars,  moving clouds, dancing trees, smiling flowers, chill breeze  & chirping birds.

We  have to find out a favourite place nearby and sit there calmly for sometime. Enjoy the weather, whether it is hot or cool.  While going on a tour, we have to  spend some time for enjoying the beauty of mountain,  lake, forest or grassland.  It will be very much relaxing to just sit back and hear the sounds of nature.


The magnifying glass or binocular helps us to get a close-up look of  beautiful things far off from our vision. Some people go for bird watching. By taking photographs of various types of birds, they get immense pleasure. To lead a happy, healthy life, we have to take a break from our routine life and enjoy nature.

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