242. Sree Guru Raghavendra mahimai – III


Words are not suffcient to express and experience Sree Guru Raghavendra mahimai. We have to get the inner feeling to realise it.

In North Karnataka, there is a village called Kireetagiri near Gadag.The village head Venkata Desai invited Raghavendra swamy to his house. It was summer season and mangoes very available in abundance. The mango juice was kept in a big pot for serving during meal time. All were busy with puja works & nobody noticed that  the young child of Desai fell into the mango juice and died. Rayaru came to know about this by this Gnanadhrushti. Sometime after, Desai searched for his son and found out his dead body in mango juice. He felt that if he informs this news, everybody has to starve and they won’t get the blessings of rayaru. Rayaru himself asked Desai to bring his son. Finally, the news spread to everybody and the dead body of the child was kept in front of rayaru. Rayaru sprinkled holy water on him and recited some hymns. The child got up and Desai  was greatly elated with joy. Desai  donated a village named Kriritagiri to rayaru which remains now under Raghavendra swami mutt.

Once the desai of Shirasangi, who is the hater of brahmins, placed a dry wooden piece and asked rayaru to give life to it.  Rayaru sprinkled holy water and chanted manthras. The wooden piece sprouted like a green plant. The desai then changed his attitude towards brahmins and also understood the power of our beloved rayaru.

I am happy to share more and more miracles of Rayaru.

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