231. Chigali and thembittu

On Nagara chadurthi day, we used to prepare chigali using raw sesame seeds. Clean raw sesame seeds and take equal quantity of jaggery for preparing chigali. Grind sesame seeds, elaichi and coconut with little or no water. In a pan put jagger and sprinkle little water for dissolving it. Heat it to make a syrup and filter it using a sieve for removing dust and small stones.   In a vessel put jaggery syrup  and put ground mixture. Put little ghee and mix well. Make small sesame laddus called chigali. On Garuda panchami day, the same process has to be repeated using dry roasted sesame seeds. While mixing, the contents can be cooked in a pan for sometime. There will be a difference in taste.

We prepare thembittu for many festivals. The method of preparation differs from house to house. Some use rice powder alone. Some others use rice powder mixed with wheat powder or hurikadale(pottukadale) powder. Take the flour as per your convenience. Put jaggery in a pan and add water. When the jaggery is fully dissolved in water, filter it using a sieve. Again put jaggery water in the pan and add flour, powdered elaichi & coconut.   Mix well and switch off gas. When it becomes cool, prepare 5 thembittu  laddus. Make a hole in the centre and keep the bottom flat. Put ghee and thiri in the centre portion. Keep 5 thembittu deepas in a plate while taking aarathi.

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