226. Tofu manchurian

Nowadays, I have started using tofu instead of paneer.  Tofu is healthy alternate to paneer.  Let us see how tofu manchurian is prepared.

Ingredients needed :

Tofu – 10 small cubes

cornflour – 2 tsp

cooking oil – 100 gm

salt – 1/2 tsp

ginger – 1 inch length

garlic – 2 leaves

black mirch – 1/2 tsp

elaichi – 4

lavang – 4

big onion – 1

tomato – 1

green chilly – 2

capsicum – 1

spring onion – 4 leaves

red chilly powder – 1/2 tsp

jaggery – 1/2 tsp

Method of preparation :

First cut tofu into small square pieces. In a vessel put  cornflour and add water. Heat cooking oil in a pan and deep fry tofu pieces after dipping in cornflour batter  until they become golden brown in colour.  Grind  ginger,  garlic,  black mirch,  elaichi,  lavang,  green chillies,   onion(1/2)  and   tomato(1/2).  In a kadai,  put  cooking oil and saute   chopped  pieces of onion(1/2).  When they become light brown, add  chopped tomato(1/2) and  chopped   capsicum. Add  few pieces of chopped spring onion and  salt. Put  red chilli powder and ground mixture. Add  jaggery. and cook. Finally put tofu pieces and mix well. The colourful  and tasty tofu manchurian goes well with all types of rotis and chapathis.

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